World War Two – a new line?

I’ve been a bit reluctant to release this figure as I don’t want to start speculation that I’ll be releasing World War Two figures, but I’ve got stock of them and if I’m honest, I need the room!

This figure is a Soldato (Private soldier) of the Italian 64th Artillery Regiment during the Libya campaign of 1940-41.

The figure is inspired by the following Osprey illustration, and is the kneeling figure on the left;

Image courtesy of Osprey Publishing, Men at Arms Series, the Italian Army 1940-45 (2)

The master of the figure was with a group of WW1 masters purchased earlier this year from a private collector (those figures are already available) and was the only World War Two subject.

Sculpted by Nino Pizzichemi, the figure is the usual 1/32 scale.

Does this mean more World War Two subjects? No. I have no plans to develop anything more than World War One.

I think it’s a great figure and I hope you enjoy it!

(But there won’t be any more World War Two figures!)