Why these new releases?

There is a back-story about the origins of the masters for the latest six figures;

These figures were part of a collection from a gentleman in Italy who had commissioned Nino Pizzichemi (the same sculptor that I use myself) to create World War One figures. Over the course of the last four years I’ve been buying these and you’ll have seen some in the Tommy’s War range previously; TW32038/38/39/CC02/CC03/CP07/08/09/10/11/12 and CP13.

With these six figures you’ll note that it makes a total of 18 masters, which is a very large investment in new figures which is why I did it over the course of years.

We’ve spoken about these last 6 masters for some time and the understanding was that it was for 4 of the figures shown in the list released (TW32CP18/19/20 and 21).

Figures TW32CP22 and 23 were going to be these;

Musketier 701st Infantry Batallion, Nazareth November 1918
Leutnant, F.G.R, Ukraine

However, I received a message from the seller to say that these two figures had been lost (within his home I think)- but two alternatives had been included in the parcel sent to me (these became TW32CP22 and 23).

So, I received the two German figures in late-war action mode, which immediately caused me some concern as figure TW32CP22 is very similar to figure TW32CP16;


I’d just like to be clear; when we created TW32CP16 in 2019 I was unaware of the similar figure in this private collection and the first time I ever saw it was when I received an image telling me the two original masters were lost and this was one replacing it.

I wanted to make sure that everyone is aware of this, I don’t want to be accused of being “lazy” and reproducing figures.

It’s sad that these two master figures seem to be lost, perhaps one day they will be found?

With the exception of the two lost masters that’s completed all of the 1/32 scale masters from this collection.

Sorry for the long story, but I know modellers are interested in the origin of the masters – and this is quite a tale!