Where have your been? (a mid-year update)

I’ve had a few emails recently from customers wondering where I am and why there isn’t any news from Tommy’s War.

Well, it’s been another busy year and I’m conscious that I’ve not been in touch as much as I normally would, and as it’s coming-up to the end of June I felt this was the ideal time for an update?

What’s been happening?

I’ve had a busy year personally, my full-time work has been really challenging as I completed a major project that’s been running since January.

In addition, those of you that use Facebook may have seen that I recently completed a triathlon event in the UK; Ironman Staffordshire 70.3.

Old man completes an Ironman!

Triathlon is a sport I really love, I actually enjoy pushing myself in training and I absolutely love completing. An Ironman (albeit half distance) has been a personal goal of mine for some time and I was delighted to be able to tick this off the list.

But it’s not been all work and sport, I have spent a lot of time behind the scenes organising stock and making sure it’s all correctly sorted. Over the course of the last two years with assorted lock-downs in the UK stock had become a bit disorganised with some in the old plastic boxes, a lot stored loose and some not even sorted. I’ve spent the last six months (2-3 hours every day!) sorting the figures, packaging them into the new card boxes and checking them over to ensure they have the correct parts etc.

Just some of the 2,500 Tommy’s War figures held in stock. Each box contains one release; eg TW32001 is in one box, TW32002 in the next etc. Split across British Empire, Central Powers and Allies comprising over 100 different products in over 100 boxes

It’s taken a lot of time to get just part of the stock sorted, now I move on to the cavalry, artillery, bases etc. After 11 years of Tommy’s War it’s fair to say I’ve accumulated a lot of “stuff” and I’m aiming to reduce that in the next 6 months (you may I have seen that I’ve listed some on Ebay already).

The good news is that I’ve packed around 2,500 individual figures correctly which enables me to pack orders much more efficiently. I’ve also conducted a full stock-check and will be updating the website this week. Once back from my holidays (see below) I’ll place a casting order to get the out of stock (OOS) and low in stock (LIS) products cast and back for the Autumn of 2022.

World Model Expo and holidays

I had planned to attend and trade at World Model Expo in Eindhoven starting on the 2nd of July.

However, we had a family holiday booked and we actually fly to Greece on the 3rd of July. I’m afraid I had to cancel WME and wish Robert, all the organisers and everyone attending a fantastic time.

I’ll be in Greece over the weekend, we’ll be 10 days sailing on the Ionian Sea around Kefalonia, so really looking forward to the break. With my daughter 21 later this year and soon to be starting her final year at University it is important that we spend time as a family before she flies the nest to do her own thing!

I return home on the 13th July and look forward to getting back into Tommy’s War from then.

Plans for the rest of the year

I’m currently working on new releases for July. These will be the first French figures in the Tommy’s War series and both will be categorised in the AL (Allies) section;

  • TW32AL07 – Lieutenant, 162 Infantry Regiment, The Marne 1914
  • TW32AL08 – Private, 162nd Infantry Regiment, The Marne 1914

These are early-war French figures, I’ll review sales once they have been released and if they are popular then I’ll look at future releases. At the moment we’ve cast the figures and they are ready for boxes, copies are in-transit to Alex for the box-art. I don’t currently have images of the figures, but as soon as the box-art is complete you’ll see them on the website and the usual social media channels.

Nino is currently on his summer vacation and returns in September, so we’ll look at plans for future releases from then, but I think it’s unlikely there will be any new figures in 2022 and we’re probably looking at early 2023 for releases.

In terms of shows, while missing WME is a blow, I am pleased to confirm I’ll be at IPMS Telford (Scale Model World) on November 12th and 13th. This will be the first time I’ve attended a model show for about 2 and a half years, so I’m really excited to hopefully see lots of you there.

My focus toward the second half of the year is therefore the new French releases, Telford and making-sure I’ve got stock of all of the figures and products.

I’m hoping to have TW32VEH01 (Crossley Light Tender) available online and at Telford, I’m casting 100 copies; this will be the last run of this vehicle before it’s retired from production – so look out for news of how you can secure your copy!

To summarise; it’s been a really busy year at work and at home, but Tommy’s War marches on and I’m looking forward to sharing news of those French figures soon!