When will Gassed be back in stock?

It’s a common question, and I know lots of people are waiting for the popular set to come back into stock.

The good news is that it’s in hand.

There has been a minor problem; a finger from one finger broke on the master. This is now with Nino and we’ll repair and get that back into production.

I’ve actually got 60-70 sets in stock, but clearly I can’t send them with a broken finger, so they are waiting for that repair and we will cast.

My aim is to have 100 sets for sale, 64 people have registered to be notified when it’s back in stock, so there should be plenty available. However, if it sells quickly I will cast more copies.

The delay getting this sorted is entirely down to me, it’s taken me ages to get it sorted for a number of reasons, but by summer it will be available again.

But the best things in life are worth waiting for! (so we’re told), but I will absolutely be getting Gassed back into stock and we’re still working on casting any items currently showing out of stock until later this year.

If you want to be updated when Gassed is back in stock then visit the product page <here> and enter your email address in the box marked “back in stock notifier”