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I’m often asked for information on a wide range of subjects around Tommy’s War from the modelling aspect through to uniform and kit colours. There is a huge range of information regarding the hobby and World War One uniform, and once you know where to look it’s easy to navigate to find more than enough information to keep you going.

Research and references

One of the most frequently asked questions is regarding research for uniforms, the first site I invariably recommend is Karkee Web, a fantastic archive of equipment research and a site that should be first point of call for every World War One modeller:

Another invaluable site for reference is The Great War Forum, what you can’t discover on this site is, frankly, not worth knowing.

Modelling and Painting

Planet Figure forum –

Gunther Sternberg (Tommy’s War box artist) –

Alex Varella Quiros (Iguazzu) –

Recommended books

There are a huge number of books and other references available that will help you with painting and modelling your Tommy’s War figures.

For painting I highly recommend the Scale Model Handbook series, they often feature Tommy’s War figures and I;ve found them beautifully produced and extremely useful. The books are available direct from the publisher or from retailers in many countries;

Scale Model Handbook –

If you want to really get to grips with uniform colours then I can’t speak highly enough of a series of books with the title Campaign. Produced by Military Mode Publishing these studies include hundreds of pictures of original kit and uniform and have been a massive source of reference in the creation of Tommy’s War

Campaign 1914 and Campaign 1915  –

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