United States Marine Corps helmet badges

Earlier in 2019 I released the first two figures which form a set of four US Marine Corps figures based on the action at Belleau Wood in 1918, following the release of the first two figures a number of US customers asked if the figures could be changed so that they have the Marine Corps cap badge on the front of their helmets.

Although its a tricky situation with two figures already released and two in development, after some serious I consideration decided to retrospectively add the badge to the two already released figures (TW32AL02 and TW32AL03) and to the two new figures (TW32AL04 and TW32AL05).

How this affects customers:

TW32AL02 and TW32AL03 have already been released and I hold stock, so we’ve updated the heads (with badges) and all future releases will include both versions of the heads – one with no badge on the helmet, the other with the badge.

For customers who have already purchased figures TW32AL02 and TW32AL03, I’ll be sending you the new heads with badges. You won’t have to do anything to inform me, I know who has purchased the figures and I’ll sort that out accordingly.

TW32AL04 and 05 will be supplied with the updated heads only (with cap badge on the helmet).

This is a bit of an odd situation in that it affects the figures mid-production. However, after talking with some customers I realised the badge was something that they would really like to see, I’m always more than happy to listen to customer suggestions and pleased to have met this request.


US Marine Corps post the Belleau Wood battle in 1918. Note most do not have the badge on their helmet.