TW32CP06 references and box art

In addition to getting the new releases ready for their September releases I’ve been working on the current catalogue with the aim of completing all box art. The last of those is now complete, and I’m very grateful to Oliver Kovacs for his fantastic work in completing this figure.

Of course, as well as looking fantastic, I know modellers are always grateful for references and inspiration. With two further stormtrooper figures coming in September (see my earlier blog posts for details) the emphasis is on these popular subjects, so I’m pleased to be able to show the figures, and offer a little more in terms of colour reference.

Also in the image above, you can see the alternative head supplied with this kit, the gas mask certainly makes the figure look more sinister.

In the final image you can see the placement of the equipment at the rear of the figure, helped by the images below which is Nino’s original image of the master;


Inspiration for the figure came from the below image (which I believe is from an Osprey title, if anyone could let me know which book I’ll include the correct reference information).

Finally, some of Nino’s uniform references which offer a fantastic look at the textures and types of equipment worn, including the famous camouflage stahlhelm.

Overall, a fabulous figure from Nino Pizzichemi, which works superbly with Andy Belsey’s base, wonderfully painted by Oliver Kovacs. What a team!

You can purchase figure TW32CP06 here

I’d like to pay tribute to all involved, and I’m looking forward to sharing images of the next two Stormtroopers in the next few weeks.