TW32C04 17th Lancer stock update

Firstly, thank you to everyone for your kind comments and feedback following the release of the latest cavalry figure TW32C04, 17th Lancer. The response was a little overwhelming and certainly exceeded my expectations.

I wanted to provide a quick update on orders and also stock to reassure customers who have already placed orders or want to order one of the figures.

To give you some background, with new releases we usually cast 100 copies. This gives me enough stock to cover initial orders and hold some in stock.

This would be enough stock for around a year to eighteen months.

With TW32C04 I ordered 100 copies of the figure and received in my first batch from the caster 72 copies (with 28 to follow within a week). These are bulk-packed so I then re-pack them and include the PE bridle bit, beading string, instructions etc. During this process I always check the number of parts and try to spot any casting problems. In this case I was able to pack 65 items – 7 were rejected, which was due to the rifle in the rifle bucket being broken on all seven.

When I listed the figures on Friday 26th June there were 100 listed on my website, I’d set-up the page around 2-3 weeks ago. As the balance of 28 figures were coming this week I left the stock figure at 100.

However, once I announced the figure it was clear that the 65 would not be enough stock. Indeed at the point that the 65th sold I cleared the remaining 35 off the system so that I did not ‘oversell’ stock that I do not currently have.

When will they be back in stock?

I’ve spoken to my caster this morning, the 28 remaining figures are completed and we’re going to cast an additional 50. We’ll also cast some of the rifle buckets so that I can complete the 7 that were broken and also have some in case of any breakages later.

Those are due to be shipped from him on Monday 6th July 2020 and I’d expect them by Friday 10th July (Monday 13th July latest). These will need to be checked and packed so they will be listed on the website as soon after that date as possible.

The only additional complication is that I’m waiting for more PE bridle bits, those are ordered and paid for, so should be into me while we wait for the kits.

With 28 kits due from the previous order, 50 new ones and 7 where I can replace the rifle bucket I should have close to 85 new kits coming-in. Currently on the ‘back in stock reminder’ there are 18 customers waiting (as I write this) so forecast there will be ample. We’ll also cast a further 50 copies (plus more stock of TW32C01 and TW32C03) with those in July so that by the end of that month there is more than enough.

If you’ve placed an order

All 65 of the initial stock sold-out. Over the course of the weekend there were a total of 91 orders, 69 have been posted today with a balance of 22 orders which I’ll complete today.

I’ve cross-referenced orders completed with those outstanding and the numbers are correct, so all customers who ordered TW32C04 and have had an order acknowledgement will receive their order.

If your order has shipped you should have received a tracking number, if you’ve not received anything yet then yours hasn’t shipped but will very shortly (tomorrow). If you want to check your order log-in to your account and you’ll see the tracking number listed.

If there is a problem

If you’ve got a problem with your order, if you can’t track it for some reason, if it’s taking a long time or if you receive your order and it’s incorrect or faulty in some way then contact me directly at

Please don’t leave messages on social media as they can be missed, contact me by email with your issue and I’ll sort it out.

Unfortunately, as much as I try to mitigate problems they do happen, but I will always resolve them.

Check here for updates

If you’ve got any questions then drop me a line, I’ve seen some remarks on social media about me limiting stock to make more profit or selling on to third parties.

Please take no notice of anything that isn’t from me directly, I’ve gone to great detail to explain the situation but I can assure you that there is no conspiracy to hike prices. In truth, demand was higher than I expected, I’ve got more stock coming and prices are not going to change.

Thank you to everyone that bought the figure or placed an order over the weekend. Thanks also to Nino and Alex for creating such a wonderful piece.

Hopefully, by 2021 we’ll be at World Expo in Veldhoven and the painted figure will be on display!