Tommy’s War stock update 18.04.2023

Customers will be pleased to see that there is a lot of new stock now listed on the website at

This update features over 1,000 individual figures plus artillery and other items and is actually the largest stock update ever completed.

My intention is to now fulfil those orders as quickly as I can – however I do expect some delays if there is a large response, but please be assured that you will receive your order.

As of today, of the 130 products in the Tommy’s War catalogue 121 are available (93%) with only 9 items out of stock. These are listed below, with the reason;

Product codeDescriptionReason for non-stock
TW32BE18Sergeant Pilot RFC (flying uniform)Item left arm is broken, master needs repair
TW32BE32Private, 1st Bn NZEFBritish & Australian head missing, need to be cast
TW32BE51Sergeant, 4th Bn KOYLIIncorrect left arm. Need to locate arm and cast
TW32BE59Private, Royal Inniskillen FusiliersEntrenching tool handle missing, needs to be cast
TW32CP24German Infantry CasualtyRifle missing from casts, needs to be supplied
TW32VC02Captain Noel ChevasseIncorrect arm supplied, need to locate the correct arm and cast
TW32SC03DuckboardsMissing from last order, need to locate or cast
TW32S03GassedOne figure has a broken hand (finger missing), needs to be repaired. Also rifles missing and need to be cast
TW32S05Belleau WoodStock available as individual figures, need to pack into the full set

Priorities moving forward

I’ll be working in the following order;

  1. Fulfil all orders
  2. Check the list above
  3. Monitor stock and cast any stocks that run low

My aim is to have every product line (all 130) available by Autumn 2023. I still plan on ending my involvement in Tommy’s War by the end of the year. At this point I don’t know what will happen from January 1st 2024 – but my objective is to have plenty of stock available for customers to pick-up everything they want before then.