Tommy’s War Review 2023

As we approach Christmas and the New Year I thought it was a good time for a quick update on what happened with Tommy’s War in 2023 and what will happen in 2024.

My intention is to end trading completely as Tommy’s War at the end of 2024 for all the reasons I’ve written before. Work remains challenging and I have elderly family members that require care and attention meaning time is limited.

I’ll continue to have all the existing figures available through to the end of 2024 (including Gassed, see below) and there will be new stock throughout the year.

Sales have remained high in 2023 as customers picked-up the figures while available and I know a few people were concerned they would run out of time. I do recommend that you pick-up any missing figures from your collection sooner rather than later as I expect many ranges to sell-out as we head toward December 2024.

The main reason for the extension is the problem with the set Gassed. Unfortunately one figure has a broken finger, so we’re repairing that. I’m afraid that I ran into issues getting that part to Nino from the caster in Hungary (who holds the master) to Nino in Italy. To cut a long story short, the part went missing and we’ve had to arrange for another to be sent. But I hope to have 100 sets available in the spring of 2024 and think that should be more than enough to cover demand.

One other subject I’d like to discuss is quite often asked; will I be running a closing down sale. The short answer is no, I won’t be running any sort of sale before the closure at the end of 2024.

The price for a single figure has remained at £16.00 since 2015, with global inflation since then I think the figures remain at a fair price, so I won’t be selling any stock cheaply. I will take a view on what’s left at the end of 2024 (although I’ll be keeping stock to a minimum and will have sold a lot of the range by then), but no decision has been made to what happens post 2024.

I’d like to finish by saying thank you to everyone that has sent such lovely messages, it means a lot.

Have a very Happy Christmas and a wonderful 2024.