Tommy’s War questions & answers 18.04.2023

A lot of the emails I get coming through ask the same questions, so I thought it would be a good idea to condense those into a post;

Will Tommy’s War close at the end of 2023?

I’ve announced my intention to end my involvement in Tommy’s War on 31st December 2023.

Until that point, remaining stock will be available. I’ve not made a decision as to whether I will sell the rights to the business from 2024 onwards. More information will be available at the end of the year.

How will this affect service levels?

I plan to only respond to emails or messages at weekends from this point. All orders will be packed at weekends and posted on the following Monday am.

Will I be able to buy stock before the business closes?

Yes, I’ve listed a lot of products today (18th April 2023) and will monitor stock – any items that are low in numbers will be cast again and unless there is a massive issue with a figure (master breaks etc) then it will be available.

There are 9 items out of stock (for a variety of reasons). I’ll work to get those manufactured and back into stock by the end of the year. See my post here.

What about Gassed?

TW32S02 (Gassed) is by far the most requested item. One figure has a broken finger – it’s a small issue, but I have to get that repaired. Frustratingly I have over 60 sets available that can’t be sold because of that break. My aim is to get that repaired and supplied by Autumn this year. I will cast more sets so there will be plenty of stock available.

What if I have a problem with an order?

I’ll still sort-out any problems, just contact

Why are you closing the business?

I’ve given twelve years to Tommy’s War and ran this in my spare time. I need a break from this business which has always been a hobby for me. I have a new job that requires my full concentration and other interests and I simply don’t have time to do them all.

Will the box art figures be available to buy?

Lots of people have asked if they can buy the painted box art figures.

I’m not against selling them, but transport is my main concern. I’d be more comfortable taking them to the IPMS show in Telford in November and meeting-up in person. If you have any thoughts on that contact me at

I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to supply painted figures outside the UK, it would be simply too dangerous to ship them.