Tommy’s War order status update 25.04.2023

As expected, there was a very strong reaction to the stock update posted a week ago on

I’d like to start by saying a huge thank you to all customers for your support and encouragement, it really does mean a lot to me.

In total there were over 150 orders placed from the 18th to today (25th April as I write this) and I’ve managed to process and post over 110 orders to date.

There are 40 orders outstanding. These will be shipped after the weekend (Tuesday 2nd May 2023).

Note: Monday 1st May 2023 is May Bank Holiday in the UK and the Post Office is closed and carriers don’t collect.

Why is my order delayed?

I have got as many orders packed and posted as I possibly can, the 40 remaining orders are from when I ran out of time.

I’ve recently started a new job and I will be away from Wednesday 26th to Friday 28th – so I lose three days.

I understand if you are one of the 40 outstanding this is frustrating, but I ask you bear with me and I’ll have your order with you as quickly as I can. I plan to complete all packing on Saturday 29th April and post Royal Mail parcels Tuesday 2nd May. Those orders that qualify for EU DHL service will be collected at the earliest point possible.

My sincere apologies for making you wait, I know you’ll all be keen to get your hands on your figures. If you would rather not wait then you can email me at and I will be happy to refund you in full.