Tommy’s War News May 2024

I’m conscious that stock at is running low and so many products are out of stock, so here is the latest Tommy’s War news.

Casting problems

Getting stock cast and to me from my caster has been slow. I placed a relatively small order in January and I only had that delivered at the end of last week.

It’s been incredibly frustrating.

Without going into all of the details, my caster has bought a new business and has naturally been busy with his new venture. This has led to a situation where I’ve not been able to get stock. However, I’m pleased to say that the casting business has been taken-over and we’re working on casting a large number of figures. This should mean that all of the figures will be available over the summer and up to the year end. I’m working on the basis of not overwhelming the new caster, so I’ll cast in batches to keep control.

My aim is to have the full figure range available online by July 2024

If you’re waiting for other items, then you’ll find details below;

Gassed (TW32S03)The broken finger on one hand has now been repaired and is with my caster. We’re aiming to cast more stock so a greater number is available and to be ready for release in October/November 2024
The Affair at Nery (TW32S01)I’ve got a very small number of these sets available now, but expect them to sell quickly. I’ll cast more sets have have them available in October/November 2024
Vickers Machine Gun set (TW32S07)I’m working on a project to 3D print the Vickers Machine gun (and the MG08). The guns were originally sculpted digitally and my view is that the 3D prints keep the detail better than casting. However, there are some production issues and I’m running ongoing tests. I’m hoping to have this set available again June/July 2024
Crossing the Sambre Oise Canal (TW32S08)As TW32S07 (Vickers machine gun)
Cavalry (TW32C01, 2, 3 and 4)I’ve got stock of three of the four cavalry figures (the exception being C03, the Lighthorseman). I spotted an issue with the saddle on all of the figures (the mould had become worn and a hole had appeared). I need to get that remoulded and new saddles cast. Once I get those the three available cavalry figures will be listed again. I’ll then be casting more stock of TW32C03. I expect the first three figures to be ready around June/July 2024 and TW32C03 around September/October.
BasesThese are less popular that the figures and cavalry etc, so I’ll be aiming to get those back into stock around November.
FiguresI should have the vast majority of figures available by July 2024
ArtilleryThe 18 pounder should be back in stock June/July 2024, the 13 pounder towards the Autumn, I’ll make sure that the next batch of casting will be sufficient to get through to the year end
Tommy’s War casting 2024

Scale Model World Telford

I’ve confirmed that I will be having a table at IPMS Scale Model World Telford in November 2024, however I won’t be stocking the full range for display.

I’m going to use Telford to clear-down some excess stock of other products and to clear some items that I’m storing.

There will be the ability to pick-up Tommy’s War figures, kits and sets, but it will be most likely be on a pre-order basis, ie if you let me know what you want I’ll bring it ready for the show.

Subject to availability, I will have popular sets like Gassed for sale, but I won’t have the display rack of figures as in previous shows.

Telford will be a great way for me to say goodbye to my UK friends that attend the show, I’m also planning on supporting the guys at the Great War Specialist Interest Group who have always been so kind to me. I’d like to provide something I paint to display on their table. Let’s see how that goes!

Tommy’s War in 2025 and beyond

I’m still planning on closing Tommy’s War at the end of this year.

Although the demand for all of the items remains incredibly high (I’m constantly amazed at the high numbers of orders still coming in) I am finding it draining to combine work, running Tommy’s War and getting a work/life balance.

I’ve not really considered what will happen in 2025. I have had a few enquiries about buying the business, but I’m not in a position where I can really think about that yet.

My aim remains as before, to continue to produce stock so that as many people as possible can pick-up the figures, cavalry, artillery etc, but to close in December 2024.

In summary

It’s been a frustrating few months. Not being able to get stock was a real worry for me and at times I’ve considered closing the business early. because I wondered if I would be able to get the figures cast However, it looks like we’ve resolved the issue and that stock will return.

It’s not a quick process though, and casting all the items currently out of stock will take time. In addition, I have a requirement for a huge number of sets of Gassed as it’s been unavailable for so long.

I hope that things will now settle-down somewhat, but I will need your patience. I understand the frustration (it’s frustrating for me as well) but please be assured I am doing my best.

Thank you for your patience.