Tommy’s War back in stock schedule

As well as developing new releases I’m working hard in the background to bring back into stock the items currently not available. Due to a number of circumstances I’ve had a few items drop out of stock and it’s been slow progress getting them back, but with some changes behind the scenes I hope through the year not only to catch-up on stock but to hold sufficient product for them not to run-out quite so quickly.

Anyway, a schedule of when you can expect to see out of stock items available again.


TW32S03 Gassed*

*Gassed will now consist of just the 6 figures and will not include the diorama base that was included in the original kit. The price has been adjusted to reflect this.


  • TW32S01 – The Action at Nery
  • TW32ART1 – 13 pounder gun
  • TW32ART3 – Limber
  • TW32VEH1 – Crossley Light Tender


  • TW32003 – Bombardier, RHA
  • TW32014 – Sergeant, Royal Welsh Fusiliers
  • TW32017 – Sergeant, RFC (dress uniform)
  • TW32027 – Battery Sergeant RFA
  • TW32G02 – Captain, Berkshire Regiment
  • TW32W02 – Nurse, VAD
  • TW32C02 – Trooper, Warwickshire Yeomanry

I’ll check stock of all figures at the end of February, if any are starting to look low on stock they will also be ordered for April.

Please note – the following items are now retired (I do not have access to either the masters or the moulds of each of these) from the catalogue and will not be replaced;

  • TW32W01 – Despatch rider WRAF
  • TW32DIO1 – Scenic base, Ploegsteert Wood
  • TW32DIO3 – Duckboards

From April it’s my intention to keep enough stock to mitigate any ‘out of stock’ items. I do understand it is frustrating for customers when products are not available and I apologise for any inconvenience.