Tommy’s War August update

With us now well in to August and a hugely important three months coming-up for Tommy’s War, it seems an opportune time for an update!

The period September to December is always a busy time with some of the largest figure modelling shows on the calendar. This year is even busier for me with the new Euro Militaire (Euro Model Expo), Scale Model Challenge in Eindhoven and Scale Model World in Telford.

I’ve been planning releases for some time now, and even though it’s already been a busy year for Tommy’s War with eleven figures released, I’ve got plenty still to come.

Tommy’s War Collectors Club

You’ll be pleased to know that the Collectors Club Special for 2017 (TW32CC02 – Sergeant, Household Cavalry) is on schedule and I’m still planning on having the figure available to collect at Euro Miniature Expo in September. If you’re not able to attend the show the figure will be sent to you in the week following the show.

I’m going to announce the Collectors Club for 2018 at the beginning of September, there will be a change of format in that I’ve arrange for the figure to be sculpted in advance, so anyone that either purchases a new membership or renews will receive that figure with their membership card.

So, no waiting for the figure (which I’m aware has caused some concern for customers) within a beefed-up membership pack. I’m hoping this goes some way to meeting customer feedback.

What subject will the figure represent? I guess that’s the important question! So, I’m pleased to confirm the figure will be;

TW32CC03 – Private, 7th Bn Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, Hulloch 1916

Images of the figure will be available (with images of TW32CC02) in early August.

The latest newsletter for members of the 2017 Collectors Club is now ready and I’m sending them out in the post this week. A further newsletter will be available in September.

New releases

I’ve been working on a number of exciting new releases, there is a lot to coordinate with sculptors, casters and box artists so it is a fluid programme with its inevitable ups and downs!

But as of this evening, the schedule is as follows!

September 2017 (released at Euro Miniature Expo in Folkestone)

Sculpted by Nino Pizzichemi, 1/32 scale;

TW32037 – Pilot, Royal Naval Air Service or Royal Flying Corps, France 1917

TW32038 – Balloon Observation Officer, Royal Artillery (attached RNAS or RFC), France 1917

TW32039 – Private, 1/4 Bn Seaforth Highlanders, France 1917

Sculpted by Benoit Cauchies, 1/32 scale;

TW32VC01 – Piper Daniel Laidlaw VC, 7th Bn Kings Own Scottish Borderers, loos 1915

I’m reworking the Victoria Cross range to focus on single figures showing individuals awarded this medal for outstanding bravery. I’m extremely excited about this figure and really looking forward to sharing more details.

Sculpted by Diego Fortez, 1/32 scale;

TW32RM1 – Marine, Royal Marine Light Infantry, Antwerp 1914

Sculpted by Doug Craner 1/32 scale;

TW32DC1 –Machine Gunner, 1 MG Abteilungen 1918

There is potentially one more figure in the offering. Gianpierro Russo is sculpting a Military Policeman in 1/32 scale at the moment, but I’m not sure if that will be ready for September (and might be released in October in Eindhoven).

Later in the year, I’m also hoping Nino will sculpt two 1/32 scale Tank Corps figures. While I’m aware that the plastic kits of MkIV’s and Whippets are 1/35 scale I believe that a study of the British army of WW1 wouldn’t be complete without Tank Corps figures so I’ll persist with them in the usual scale – and no, I won’t release a 1/32 Mk IV in resin!

Existing range stock issues

I’ve updated the stock on the website to match a stocktake completed over the weekend, so the product quantities are correct. I’m critically aware that some of the range has been out of stock now for some time, and I’d like to apologise for this.

At this moment figures TW32001, 2, 9, 29, 31, TW32W02 and 3, TW32G01 are out of stock as well as the 9th Lancer (TW32C01) and Gassed (TW32S03). All these products are on back-order with one of my casting companies (I use three different companies). I’ve chased my caster for an ETA on delivery, but at this point it is my hope to have all current catalogue items available by the time of Euro Miniature Expo in September, both at the show and online.

However, let me say that none of the Tommy’s War current range of 1/32 figures are being retired, I’m currently checking on options on casting and all those figures will return to stock as quickly as I can manage.

TW32S01 – The Affair of Nery

Better news for customers waiting for this to come back in to stock.  A new batch of 13 pounders and limbers (as well as the 18 pounder gun) is being prepared, with the four crew figures. Some of those guns will be sold individually, but I will have a number of set TW32S01 available in September.

Once I get more information on dates, I’ll update here and on social media, but if you want to reserve one then drop me a line at

Show schedule

I’ve already indicated that I’ll be at the new Euro Miniature Expo (which has replaced Euro Militaire) and I hope UK modellers will really support this show. I know the organisers and they are figure enthusiasts driven to keep a great UK modelling show going, and I also know how much work they have put in, so they deserve our support.

You can find more information at


It’s been a very exciting year for Tommy’s War with 17 figures either released or scheduled so far, and with a further 3 provisionally planned, which makes 2017 the biggest in terms of number of releases so far.

The range is now in to 1917 and we’re seeing the British army develop from the professional body that embarked in 1914 to a mix of old soldiers, early-war volunteers and conscripts as the war ground all the armies involved down. We’ve seen how 20th Century technology changed the face of war through artillery and machine guns. How tanks were brought in to break the stalemate, how air warfare developed and how dreadful weapons like gas were used.

I’ve still got plenty of ideas on great subjects that will continue the range and I’m not finished by a long way, so I hope you’ll join me in this study of World War One!