Tommy’s War Shillings – Questions and Answers

Tommy’s War Shillings is the new loyalty scheme from Tommy’s War available for everyone that buys from Tommy’s War. Every time you spend you receive Shillings which can be redeemed – here you find how it all works;

What is a Shilling?

Every time you spend £1.00 at you will be credited one Shilling. This goes on your account and you are free to come back and spend that ‘shilling’ at any time.

For example, an order with a value of £40.00 will be awarded 40 Shillings worth £4.00. The next time you visit the website you’ll be able to use those Shillings as credit against your order.

Are there any conditions?

You must order through an account on If you order as a ‘guest’ account (ie you either don’t create an account or you don’t log into an existing account) then your points won’t register).

Will all customers get Shillings?

Yes, as long as any purchases are through an account at

Can I save my Shillings?

Yes, Shillings do not expire, so you can save them across years (if you wish) and redeem them at any time.

If I buy at shows will I get Shillings?

Yes, I need to work out how I record them and apply them to your account, but at the moment yes.

Does this scheme replace the Tommy’s War Collectors Club?

Yes it does.

Are there terms and conditions?

Yes, all customers are bound by the general terms and conditions of the Tommy’s War Shillings programme that can be viewed here.

I liked the Collectors Club, why stop it?

The Collectors Club had worked really well, but it was becoming hard for me to administer and the cost of producing special figures and all the collateral plus time made it difficult for me to invest into new figures.

To move Tommy’s War forward means I need to adapt. I’m convinced that the Tommy’s Token system will work better for all customers.

The Collectors Club offered a 20% discount, but this is the equivalent of 10%, why?

Yes it is, but this scheme doesn’t cost you anything in advance and it gives me the flexibility to offer promotions in the future.

The Shillings scheme allows me to reward all customers, but to also offer you more promotions, such as double, treble or more points at peak times like Black Friday etc. Another idea I’m considering is if there is a new product coming into stock I might offer pre-release sales with additional points. I also aim to offer competitions with blocks of tokens available.

Does the free international postage order value remain at £60.00 GBP?

Yes it does*.

*Please note that this article was written in 2020. The threshold for FREE worldwide shipping is now £100 per order after any discounts have been applied.

Will I be able to buy the previous Collector Club Specials?

I will be offering the four figures in very limited numbers for a very short period toward the end of 2021 as part of the ten year anniversary celebrations.

What does this mean for the future of Tommy’s War?

Please don’t read too much into all of this, the Collectors Club worked really well but it was difficult to administer. A demanding market for model figures means that the business has to change to be viable. This is a change that I think will be better for customers.

Will catalogues and newsletters continue?

A new catalogue will be available again in 2021 when we’re (hopefully) post-Covid. The newsletters will appear – but they will be available for all customers and supplied either with orders or picked-up at model shows.

I joined the Collectors Club in 2020, so why do I not get the full year discount?

I’ll be applying extra Shillings to the accounts of anyone who purchased or renewed their Collectors Club membership in line with the amount of time remaining on their membership on 31st December 2021.

This will give those customers a lump-sum which they can use against future orders. I’ll be emailed any customers affected individually in early 2021.

When does my membership discount end?

All Tommy’s War Collectors Club membership discount ends on 31st December 2020.

If you have any further questions email and I’ll answer and add them to this list.