To 2020 and beyond

Throughout 2020 I’m planning on a number of releases for Tommy’s War and attending a number of shows, in the back of my mind I’m also planning for 2021 which is the ten year anniversary of Tommy’s War.

I think it’s a good point to explain that in terms of figure releases Tommy’s War will continue roughly as before over the next couple of years, that’s 6-8 figures per year which we’re pretty much used to. 

Where I won’t be focussing is on other items like vehicles and accessories.

New releases 2020 (all sculpted by Nino Pizzichemi)

January/February 2020

  • TW32048 – Chaplain, attached 8th Battalion, Lincolnshire Regiment
  • TW32047 – Private, 8th Battalion, Lincolnshire Regiment
  • TW32049 – Private, 5th Battalion, Tank Corps, Arras 1918
  • TW32050 – Corporal, 5th Battalion, Tank Corps, Arras 1918

July 2020

Currently under development and to be confirmed

The masters for figures 47 and 48 are currently with my caster and we’re creating the moulds. I’m pleased with these two figures and I think they add a lot of character to the Tommy’s War range. Released under the title ‘A holey intervention’ I think they will be a popular choice and show a little bit of humanity and black humour in what was a terrible period of history.

I’ve moved the Tank Corps figures forward, I’m still working with Andy Belsey on the base for the Vickers crew and don’t want to rush that, potentially that could form the September release but I’ll check on progress. Tank Corps have been an often-requested choice, and were always part of my plans. Once these are released Tommy’s War will have released figures associated with the aircraft, machine gun, artillery and tank, all of which form the main elements of modern warfare. I spoke with Nino today and he’s close to completing 49 and 50. I think 47 and 48 will be released first with 49 and 50 close after.

Over the course of two to three years I’ve extensively looked into creating part of a Mk IV or Mk V tank to accompany the figures, unfortunately the cost and time involved means it’s a project too far for me and the figures will be released alone.

I’m hoping to have a couple of figures ready for July and World Expo (see below), I’ve got a few ideas that I’m moving around, so more details to follow with potentially the Vickers crew now coming into 2021’s schedule.

Planes, trains and automobiles

I do get requests and suggestions for figures and models all the time, and your feedback is always welcome. But I think it’s worth mentioning that I will be sticking to the core of Tommy’s War as a figures business and I won’t be producing figures to other scales.

A regular request is for French figures and I will be working with my digital sculptors to create an Adrian helmet and French equipment, but that’s a longer term project and I don’t expect to have anything before 2021.

In terms of other nations, at this point it’s likely that I’ll stick to the main armies (British and Empire, American and German with potentially French and Italian subjects), I’d say it was almost certain nationalities like Serbian, Portuguese, Greek and Macedonian armies won’t be included.

I can say with some certainty that there will not be further vehicle releases, unfortunately they are incredibly expensive to develop and time consuming. I absolutely won’t be producing plastic injection vehicles and aircraft and it’s highly unlikely that I’ll be releasing any further pilots.

That all sounds a bit negative, but Tommy’s War isn’t a big business my focus is solely on releasing the best figure range for the First World War period. I do get requests for World War Two (in 1/35 scale) but I’m going to stick with what I think I do best.

Model shows 2020

World Expo returns to Europe next year, as this is a three day show and held in The Netherlands it means a bit of extra time away for me should I be successful in my application for stand space (I’ve completed the application and currently waiting for confirmation that I’ve got a trading space).

With this in mind, I’ve cut-out a couple of earlier shows (BMSS Annual Show and Modelkraft Milton Keynes) , although I stress that this isn’t any reflection on them or their organising teams, it’s simply that I’ve got a personal commitment in June and combined with World Expo mean I’ve had to adjust my schedule accordingly.

The good news is that Euro Miniature Expo returns to September, so my rather limited schedule (dependent on approval for World Expo) is as follows;

  • World Model Expo, Veldhoven 3rd, 4th and 5th July –
  • Euro Miniature Expo, Folkestone 19th and 20th September –
  • Scale Model World, Telford November 7th and 8th –

Please note: there is no Scale Model Challenge in Veldhoven in 2020 due to World Expo, it returns in October 2021.

Collectors Club

You may be aware that the Collectors Club is resting in 2020. As with shows this is to give me a little breathing space following a busy few years with Tommy’s War and to prepare for 2021.

There are two pieces of good news;

  1. The Collectors Club will be back in 2021 with a very special Collectors Club release. While there will be a change of format for the club and following many requests members of the club for that year only will be able to purchase figures TW32CC01/2/3 and 4 for that year only. From Dec 31 2020 all five Collectors Club figures will be retired.
  2. If you’re a member of the 2019 Collectors Club then your 20% discount will apply throughout 2020. I’ll also continue to produce newsletters which you’ll receive with your orders.

On the subject of newsletters, I didn’t get round to releasing the last edition to all members of the Collectors Club, but there will be a new edition in early 2020 and I’ll include that outstanding one as well.

The Italian masters

Although it sounds like a golf competition, I’m actually referencing a group of sculpts that Nino Pizzichemi produced several years ago for someone in Italy.

Those of you following this story know I’ve already bought and released a number of these sculpts (if you’re keeping note they are TW32037/38 and 39. TW32CP07/8/9/10/11/12 and 13 and TW32CC02 and 3). So, that’s 12 so far and I hope to buy, and release, the 6 master figures he has remaining.

So should I be able to secure the masters, they will slot into the series as follows;

  • TW32CP18 – Wachtmeister, 5th Hussar Regiment, Macedonia 1917
  • TW32CP19 – Oberleutnant, 3rd Light Infantry Reg, Udine October 1917
  • TW32CP20 – Musketier 48° Infantry Reg. Von Stulpnage, Mons 1914
  • TW32CP21 – Unteroffizier, Motor Transport Column, Macedonia 1916
  • TW32CP22 – Shutze, 27 Light Infantry, Battle of Helsinki, April 1918
  • TW32CP23 – Musketier, 701st Inf Bn, Nazareth October 1918 

I can’t say at this point when (or even if) I’ll be buying or releasing them, but watch this space!

Please note that all those codes are subject to change.

To 2021

I’m hoping that 2021 will be a great year for Tommy’s War and to mark 10 years of the brand. I’ve got a number of ideas which I’m working on and hope I can get some into production. If I can keep the momentum from all the above I’m hoping I’ll reach that figure of 100 figures which I’m sure you will be a great achievement for the range and be the number one range of World War One figures in what is becoming a very congested market!