Telford and Tommy’s War

Is it just me, or is this year flying around far too fast?

I write that as I stare in disbelief at my calendar which shows just over a week (as I write this) until Scale Model World 2019 in Telford.

Telford is a great show, for me made all the better as it’s only a little over an hour away (M6 depending!). Three halls of modelling seems to always attract a good crowd and I particularly look forward to seeing some of my good friends again.

September and October have been a very busy time for me at Tommy’s War, both months exceeded their targets which is good news for me as I can pay the bills and good news for modellers as I can invest in new figures. The two most popular items have been the Australian Light Horseman with the new LifeColor paint set hot on its heels! Due to high demand if you’re coming to Telford and aim to pick-up either I’d recommend reserving in advance. You can do this by emailing me at and paying on the day, or if you wish to pay now and pick-up you can order on the website and use the coupon telfordcollection at checkout (enter the code telfordcollection into the box marked ‘coupon’) and postage will be removed and I’ll bring it with me to both days for you to pick-up.

Other popular items likely to sell-out will be the four Passchendaele figures (TW32040/41/42 and 43).

I’d like to say a massive thank you to all my wonderful customers for your support through 2018 and look forward to seeing many of you next week!