Telford 2024

I’m pleased to confirm that the organisers of Scale Model World in Telford have kindly offered my a table at SMW2024 and that I’ll be trading this year.

The purpose of attending this show is to give customers the opportunity to pick-up any figures or sets needed before I close at the end of the year and also for me to say goodbye (as a trader) to so many friends I’ve made over the years.

Telford has always been a fantastic show for me, I’ve met so many people there, and made so many friends. I was keen to finish-off there and say my goodbyes.

While trading, the format of what I offer will be different from previous years. This year I’ll have all the stock at the back of the stand and customers will need to ask for the figures they need (rather than them be on display).

I’ll write in more detail about how things will work, but I’m going to ask that where possible customers order in advance for collection. There will be the opportunity to add to that order, but ordering in advance means I can guarantee your order and saves disappointment on the day if something isn’t available. Stock is selling extremely fast (you’ll probably have noticed) and the biggest issue at the moment is casting enough to keep up with demand.

On the subject of stock – I’m talking to my caster daily to resolve some of the out of stock issues. I can confirm Gassed will be back for the show (it’s now repaired) and my aim is to have stock of every current product ready to pre-order and collect at the show. However, I suggest when I start the pre-order service you do order in advance as I’m sure it’s going to be extremely busy!

I’m also planning on selling a few other items such as books and sundry models, this is part of a general clear-out of my storage unit before the end of the year (I’m planning on moving to a much smaller unit, therefore need to reduce the amount of “stuff” I’ve got lying around).

Potentially, I may also be using the show to sell some of the painted box art models – I’ll supply more details and it’s subject to there being sufficient interest – more details to follow!

The show gives me the opportunity to speak to friends before I finish in my trade capacity, but I’m also aiming to do something I’ve promised for many years – and that’s to display a painted piece on the Great War Modellers Society stand! I’m not sure what that will be yet, it may or may not be a Tommy’s War figure, so let’s see.

You can find out more about Scale Model World 2024 here

Dates are Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th November 2024 at the International Centre in Telford, it’s a fantastic show for modellers and I hope to see many old friends there!