Stock update

I’ve received an overwhelming amount of support since announcing I’m ending the Tommy’s War range at the end of 2023, and I’d like to thank everyone that’s spoken to me or commented. Your kind words really have meant a lot to me.

Since that time it’s been really busy with a record month in September following the announcement and then the IPMS Scale Modelworld Show in Telford.

This has left many products out of stock, and caused some frustration and worry for which I apologise, but I am pleased to confirm the following;

To summarise;

  • A large quantity of casting has been ordered, this covers every item out of stock plus those with low stock levels. I expect everything to be available to order by Spring 2023 and stock will be topped-up as required
  • All products on the website will be restocked at some point
  • Some products may need repair so may take longer to be back in stock, these include TW32S03 Gassed and TW32VC02 Captain Noel Chavasse – but it is my intention that these will return to stock as quickly as possible
  • The best way to check when an item will be back in stock is to go to the page on the website for that product and enter your email address in the “notify me when back in stock”. When this item returns to stock you’ll get an email.
  • That notification email also logs on my admin site so I can see how many I need to cast. The most popular item requested is TW32S07 Vickers machine gun with 58 people waiting for it. This shows me that I need to cast more than 60 to meet demand
  • I’ll continue casting to meet demand through the year right up to the end of 2023
  • My intention is that customers will be able to buy any of the items listed on the website through to the end of 2023.

At the moment my focus is on replacing stock and new releases (see below). There are several interested parties in buying Tommy’s War as a going concern but I intend to address that in the second-half of 2023 when all the above is in-hand.

New releases

I have spoken to Nino and we are discussing new releases for 2023. I would like this to be 1 cavalry figure and then 2 “specials” (both 2 figure sets) – but this is to be confirmed. I see new releases coming through around summer 2023. Watch this space!

And finally…

Thank you all for your kind words, I really can’t express how much that means to me and thank you for your understanding.

I’d like to thank everyone for their patience, the out of stock issue will be addressed through 2023 and you’ll get the opportunity to get the figures you need before the end of the year!