Stock update

I’m pleased to have received a large stock update from my caster, this means the following figures are back in stock, while stocks last;

TW32002Private, Lincolnshire Regiment
TW32007Lieutenant, Royal Engineers
TW32024Private, 1/24 Lancashire Fusiliers
TW32047Private, 8th Bn Lincolnshire Regiment
TW32052Private, 4th Bn Leicestershire Regiment
TW32CP01Private, Turkish Infantry 1915
TW32CP03Private, 133 Infanterie Division
TW32CP04Private, 208 Infanterie Division
TW32CP05Leutnant, Prussian Infantry
TW32CP06Unteroffizier, Angriffdivision
TW32G01Captain, 4th Berkshire Regiment
TW32W01Nurse, VAD
TW32S07Vickers Machine Gun (2 British crew, 1 German casualty and base)
TW32SC02British Trench Section
TW32SC055 x 5 base sections (5 x bases, 5 x sides)

Since placing this order, I’ve sold out of TW32030 and also the 13 pounder QF gun. I’m planning on casting more stock and having them back in the first quarter of 2022.

I’m undecided on the Crossley Light Tender, I may well bring that back at the same time, but it does depend on production of all of the figures as I’m determined to have everything available in good quantities.