Stock update – April 2022

April 1st probably isn’t the best time to announce an update of stock, but casting arrived yesterday and the website is updated, so needs must!

There are a number of items that were out of stock now back and available which are listed below, but the main news is something I know a lot of people have been asking for – the Collectors Club Specials are available!

For those who don’t know, the Tommy’s War Collectors Club ran between 2016 and 2019 and in each of the four years a figure was provided with the membership pack.

Those four figures haven’t been produced since 2019 and lots of Tommy’s War customers have been requesting a run of them. So, for a limited period of time, I’ve added them to the product list and they are available on general sale while stocks last;

Old codeYear originally producedDescriptionNew code
TW32CC012016Sergeant SniperTW32BE57
TW32CC022017CoH Household CavalryTW32BE58
TW32CC032018Private, 7th Bn Inniskilling FusiliersTW32BE59
TW32CC042019Private, 14th Bn Warwickshire RegimentTW32BE60
Left to right (as image is viewed); TW32BE57, TW32BE58, TW32BE59

All four figures are sculpted by Nino Pizzichemi and box art is by Edward Sage.

Back in stock

There are also a number of new items back in stock;

Product codeDescription
TW32BE10Rating, Royal Naval Brigade 1914
TW32BE28Major, RFA 1916
TW32BE30Sergeant, Motor Machine Gun Corps 1917-18
TW32BE40Major, 8th Bn London Regiment, Paschendaele 1917
TW32BE41Sergeant, 8th Bn London Regiment, Paschendaele 1917
TW32BE42Private (1), 8th Bn London Regiment, Paschendaele 1917
TW32BE43Private (2), 8th Bn London Regiment, Paschendaele 1917
TW32BE48Army Chaplain, Attached 8th Bn Lincolnshire Regiment
TW32ART1Quick Firing Ordnance 13 pounder
TW32ART3Ordnance carriage limber (suitable for both 13 and 18 pdr)
TW32S01The Affair at Nery – set including 13 pdr, limber and four crew

2022 plans

As mentioned in earlier blogs I’m working on French infantry at the moment, we’ve created the equipment (weapons and kit) and the first French figures are with Nino to sculpt. I can confirm these will be two very-early war figures. At this point I don’t have a release date, but I would expect early Autumn now.

Following that, I’ve not yet formulated a release plan. I’ve got ideas if what I’d like to create, but from this point the releases will be based on filling the catalogue with what I think are interesting figures from the period, but covering all nationalities.

March 31st was the year end for Tommy’s War from a financial view, so I’ll be running a full stock check. From that I will update the website with the aim of making sure I have stock of all products.

In terms of shows, I don’t yet know what the immediate future holds, I’ve mentioned that I’m going to be on holiday (in Greece) over the weekend of World Expo in July. I’ve not heard any news from Telford on that show (although I’d like to attend if possible) and nothing from Euro Militaire (which I’m guessing won’t be on this year).

The one big item I do need to review is the Crossley Tender and I know a lot of people are waiting for that to come into stock. I’m currently checking on producing that again (I’ve got decals but need to order photo etch and organise casting). There are a few things to pull together for that project, so I’ll aim to do that over the summer with a view to having stock available around Autumn 2022.