Stock update 29th May 2019

Just a quick update on the stock position at the moment;

I’m pleased to say that I’ve received stock of a few eagerly awaited products;

TW32MOT1 Clyno Vickers motorcycle view here
TW32VEH1 – Crossley Light Tender view here
TW32ART1 – QF 13 pounder view here
TW32ART2 – QF 18 pounder view here
TW32ART3 – Limber (suitable for 13 or 18 pounder gun) view here
TW32S01 – The Action at Nery (13 pdr limber, figures TW32019/20/21/22) view here

All can be found on their relevant pages in the web store.

There are still products out of stock, these include;

TW32S04 Walking Wounded
German trench section
Scenic bases (5 x sides, 5 x bases)

These are in-hand and expected to be all back in stock by September 2019.

New figures; We’ve completed sculpting of the next six figures in the range. These include the four to complete the Belleau Wood diorama (2 x USMC and 2 x Germans) plus two additional British figures. All sculpted by Nino Pizzichemi in 1/32 scale these are great additions to the range and I aim to make available for release in September 2019.