Stock update 23.09.2022

Since the announcement that Tommy’s War will cease trading on 31st December 2023 I’ve had a lot of orders, with customers keen to snap-up products before they are out of production.

This has meant that a lot of items are now out of stock. But I wanted to reassure everyone that stock of all products (excluding the Crossley Light Tender TW32VEH1) will be cast right through the end of this year and throughout 2023.

While it’s a quickly moving situation I did take a look at stock showing as not available on my website and quickly checked it’s status.

So, if you’re after anything in particular then you’ll see when it might be expected back from this list*

Product codeDescriptionBack in stock status
Figure series
TW32BE11Private, London ScottishSeptember 23rd 2022
TW32BE14Sergeant Royal Welsh FusiliersNovember 2022
TW32BE16Sergeant, Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light InfantyNovember 2022
TW32BE17Sergeant Pilot (dress uniform)November 2022
TW32BE18Sergeant Pilot (flying uniform)TBC
TW32BE21Gunner RHASeptember 23rd 2022
TW32BE23Corporal 1st Bn London Irish RiflesNovember 2022
TW32BE24Private, 1/7 Lancashire FusiliersSpring 2023
TW32BE32Private 1st Bn Wellington RegSpring 2023
TW32BE37Pilot RFC/RAFSeptember 23rd 2022
TW32BE38Balloon Observation Officer RANovember 2022
TW32BE39Private 1/4 Seaforth HighlandersSeptember 23rd 2022
TW32BE41Sergeant, 8th Bn London RegimentNovember 2022
TW32BE42Private (1) 8th Bn London RegimentNovember 2022
TW32BE43Private (2) 8th Bn London RegimentNovember 2022
TW32BE46Private, 9th Bn East Sussex RegimentNovember 2022
TW32BE51Sergeant 4th KOYLINovember 2022
TW32BE52Private, 4th Bn Leicestershire RegimentSpring 2023
TW32BE53Private, 28th Bn CEFNovember 2022
TW32BE59Private, 7th Bn Inniskilling FusiliersSpring 2023
TW32CP10Hussar, 17th Brunswick Hussar RegNovember 2022
TW32CP13Musketier 1st Landsturm BnSeptember 23rd 2022
TW32CP24Private, German infantry (casualty)November 2022
TW32S01L Battery RHA at NerySpring 2023
TW32S02The Christmas TruceSpring 2023
TW32S03GassedSpring 2023
TW32S04Walking WoundedSeptember 23rd 2022
TW32S07Vickers machine gunNovember 2022
TW32VC02Captain Noel Chavasse VCNovember 2022
TW32VEH1Crossley Light TenderSeptember 23rd 2022
TW32MOT1Clyno Vickers motorcycleSeptember 23rd 2022
TW32C01Trooper, 9th LancersSpring 2023
TW32C02Trooper, Warwickshire YeomanrySpring 2023
TW32C03Trooper, ALHSpring 2023
TW32C04Trooper, 17th LancersSpring 2023
TW32ART2QF 18 pdfSeptember 23rd 2022
TW32ART3Carriage LimberSpring 2023
TW32SC03DuckboardsSpring 2023
*Subject to change at any time

I do get asked why some items are out of stock for longer than the others; this depends on the product involved;

Gassed – there is currently a problem with one figure (a hand missing a finger). We need to check on this and repair the figure if necessary and then create new moulds. This is a lengthy process, but there will be a large quantity of this when it is available

Cavalry – these simply take longer to cast as there are multiple parts (and complex as well in some cases) – again, there will be plenty cast in 2023

If I can get items into stock earlier, then I absolutely will, but please be assured that I will try to cast enough to meet demand before I close. If you do wish to express an interest in a particular item or items then on that page on this site you’ll see a box named “notify my when back in stock”. Simply enter your email address and I can then see how many people are interested in a particular item and align production accoringly.

Thank you so much for your patience, I understand how frustrating it is when products are showing as out of stock. When I made the announcement I was carrying nearly £50,000 worth of stock and thought it sufficient, but I’ve simply been overwhelmed with the demand (which was far higher than I had expected) – but I am determined to catch-up!