September 2018 release schedule

With a number of new releases coming in September, I thought I’d offer an update and list of what to expect.

Current range

An ongoing project has been to make sure that I’ve got stock of the existing range before I start getting into new figures, I understand its frustrating for customers when a particular figure isn’t available. I’ve been working hard on this for the last 6 months and am close to resolving these issues.

I’ve now received stock of some of the items that have been out of stock recently, including TW32003/4/6/14/16/17/24/26 and 27 plus TW32W02 and TW32G01. Those are now all available to purchase.

In September I’ll have any other out-of-stock items including TW32023, TW32C01 and TW32C02 which all had to have some repair work done to their masters before we could cast.

Once these are in stock I don’t envisage any long-term out-of-stock issues, it’s my intention to carry plenty of stock of each figure but if for any reason something does sell quickly we’ll be better placed to replace it quickly. There will be a little bit of movement in the catalogue, but nothing too drastic.

New releases

So, onto new releases.

First-up, in early September I’ll be announcing the 2019 Collectors Club. This is before the figures are released to give customers time to renew or join the Collectors Club for 2019 and then be in a position to get a discount as soon as the new releases are announced.

Next years Collectors Club special will be;

  • TW32CC04 – Private, 14th Bn Royal Warwickshire Regiment

This figure depicts a British serviceman in action with a Lewis gun and works well with a number of figures in the range. Although it carries the title of a particular regiment (and there is a reason why I’ve chosen this regiment which will become clear in September) the figure is in post-1917 equipment so could be any British or Empire regiment of your choice. Sculpted by Nino Pizzichemi.

Releases w/c 17th September 2018

The remaining releases will either be announced over the weekend of the 15/16th September or from Monday 17th September and will be available to view and purchase at Euro Miniature Expo the following weekend;


  • TW32044 – Private (3), 8th Bn London Regiment

As with TW32CC04, this figure is in standard post-1917 uniform and equipment, so don’t get too hung-up on the title, it really will be perfect for any British or Empire figure. This one is designed to loosely compliment the previous four figures (TW32040/41/42/43) but is also ideal as a stand-alone figure. Sculpted by Nino Pizzichemi

  • TW32C03 – Trooper, Australian Light Horse, Beersheba 1917

A popular request and a great addition to the mounted figure range. This Lighthorseman is shown in a charging pose with his bayonet as happened on that day. I think this will be popular worldwide and I’m pleased to say that its not only sculpted and moulded, but that box art is under-way and I’ve got the stock. How’s that for forward planning! Sculpted by Nino Pizzichemi

German releases

Around 3-4 years ago Nino made me aware of an Italian collector who had commissioned a number of 1/32 scale World War One masters but never released them. I loved all of the subject and since then I’ve been speaking to this person with a view of bringing these great figures to the market. In 2017 I purchased five of his British subjects and they became TW32CC02 and 3 plus TW32036/37/38.

This year we reached an agreement for me to purchase 14 further masters, of which 13 are German subjects and 1 Italian. To help my cashflow we agreed to split that into 8 initially with 6 to follow. So, the Phase 1 consists of 7 Germans and the Italian;

  • TW32CP07 – Grenadier, 11th Assault Bn, Ukraine 1917
  • TW32CP08 – Pionier, 5th Storm Bn Rohr, Verdun June 1916 
  • TW32CP09 – Leutnant, 44th Flieger Bn, Champagne, October 1915 
  • TW32CP10 – Hussar, 17th Brunswick Hussar Regiment 1915 
  • TW32CP11 – Leutnant, Fusilier Guards Regiment Ukraine 1916
  • TW32CP12 – Oberleutnant, 3rd Guards Reg, Queen Elizabeth, River Sambre 1914
  • TW32CP13 – Musketier, 1st Landsturm Bn Deutsch Eylau, Tannenberg 1914 

Phase 2 will consist of 6 further German figures which will be released November 2018/early 2019 (details to follow)


In the explanation for the German figures I alluded to an Italian release. I’ve decided to include this in an “Allied” classification as I’m planning on releasing American figures in 2019. I appreciate the British figures should fit into this classification, but I’m too far down the line for that, so I feel this is a fair compromise.

Without further ado, onto the figure in question;

  • TW32AL01 – Marine, San Marco Regiment Second Battle of Piave River 1917

Another great sculpt from Nino, and the first in this “Allied” classification. As always with Tommy’s War, my main remit will be to focus on British and Empire subjects, but I will look into other subjects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Every time I release news I get a lot of questions, so in anticipation of this I’ve preempted some of the popular requests;

Q – That’s too many releases, I can’t keep-up with the number of figures launched

A – It’s a fair point and one I’m only too conscious of. Due to circumstances I’ve been able to purchase master figures over the course of 2017/18 which add to the Tommy’s War range and that’s led to a large number of releases. However, once I purchase the second phase of the 14 from this collector I’ll have exhausted all other sources of figures and in 2019 you’ll see a vastly reduced release schedule (back to 6-8 figures over the year). In addition, I’m working to resolve ‘out-of’stock’ issues so you can be assured that figures will be available when you are ready to purchase, meaning that there is no need to rush this year. I understand that 15-20 releases a year is unsustainable for collectors, and don’t expect customers to maintain this spend, so release numbers next year will reflect this.

Q – When can I see pictures?

Most of the figures are either being cast at the moment, or with artists to complete box art. I’m sure you’ll understand this is a fairly lengthy process, but images will be available in September. Until that point I won’t be sharing step-by-step pictures, but it will all be worth the wait!

Q – Would you consider <insert name> Regiment for your range?

A – Now that we’re post-1917 the uniform differences between individual regiments were by unit insignia which isn’t marked on the figures and can be added by the painter to suit. While I do give the figures titles which reflect a particular Regiment the figures will depict most British and Empire soldiers to reflect your own interest.

If you would like to find out more about British insignia then I highly recommend the book WW1 British Battle Insignia by Military Mode Publishing, available here.

Q – Will you do more Middle East/Africa subjects?

I’d love to produce more figures from other conflicts, but the truth is that they simply don’t sell as well as Western Front figures. While it has been my intention to cover the whole of the 1914-18 period I have to focus on the commercial aspect of the business and it has to break-even. Unfortunately, Middle Eastern subjects are generally loss-making, so I have to balance those releases out.

Q – Will you release these figures in a larger scale?

There are no plans to releases larger scale figures, the releases will focus on 1/32 scale only.

Q – Why do you not sell through retailers?

In 2017 I took the decision to sell directly only, Tommy’s War is a small business and there really isn’t the market to attract retail sellers in detail that add to the value of the range. However, I understand that can be frustrating to international customers and do understand. That’s why the Collectors Club remains a great option for customers with a 20% discount, and with free international shipping on orders over £100 available to all customers I think that in itself is a good incentive.

In September I understand my Australian friends will wish to purchase the Australian Light Horseman, my suggestion would be that perhaps you could group together and order through one person with one delivery? In that way you can take advantage of the free shipping if you order over £100?

Thanks for reading through this blog, as you can see there is a lot happening at Tommy’s War and it’s going to be a busy Autumn. If that’s not got you excited already then please be assured there is another exciting development for September which all Tommy’s War customers will find of interest, so I look forward to bringing you more news.