Scale Model World – Telford

After a week long holiday it’s been back to work and back to preparing for the final show I’ll be attending this year – the IPMS nationals in Telford.

If you can come along then I’ll be in the same position as the last two years, in Hall 2 and behind the Revell stand.

I’m working to take an almost-full selection of figures and products, plus, I’ve got a few things to sell and clear as I sort out my storage locker ready for the winter.

Crossley Light Tender

I’ll have at Telford the last seven kits before this is retired. This is due to the fact that it’s my last remaining photo-etch and its the PE that’s expensive to manufacture.

I’ll be taking all 7 kits to Telford and selling any online that remain following the weekend. The kit is priced at £60.00 (£48.00 for members of the Tommy’s War Collectors Club).

TW32VEH1 Crossley Light Tender

Thornycroft display kits

I’ve got two Thornycroft kits which were built by Spencer Pollard several years ago. Unfortunately the General Service variant has suffered some damage.

Both kits will be for sale at Telford, for collection, as seen.

The kits are;

  • Thornycroft 13 pounder Anti-Aircraft – £50.00
  • Thornycroft General Service vehicle – £30.00*

*As the General Service vehicle has lost its wheels and axles, I will also supply a full kit including new wheels so it can be repaired at no extra cost with the built version.

Due to the fragility of the kits, I’m afraid I can’t send these by mail, so they can only be collected at Telford. There is only one of each kit, so it is strictly first person to buy that gets them.

I will include the decal sheets with the built kits.

As I’ve got a lot of work to do before the show I can’t take reservations on the models, they will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis from Saturday morning (I will not have the kits with me on Friday at set-up and will not accept orders for them on Friday).

Thornycroft General Service variant

Decal sheets

Something I’m going to trial are excess decals that I have from the Crossley, Thornycroft and the very old Douglas motorcycle kits.

I’ve taken excess stock of each and put them into a pack, so you’ll get one sheet of each decals.

You can see from the image above that the decals offer a number of useful options for scratch builders and converters, priced at £2.00 each pack contains one of each of the three sheets shown in the image (three decal sheets in total).

I’ll be selling these at Telford, and extending the sale of these to the website in a limited number (I don’t have that many left and won’t be reprinting them).

Please note; I will not be creating new decal sheets or moving into the decal market, please don’t contact me with requests for decals.

Thornycroft stock clearance

Although I don’t have any stock left of the now discontinued Thornycroft kits, I have a very small number of chassis kits left for the vehicle. This allows someone to build the complete chassis with wheels and cab. I don’t have what would comprise the ‘flat bed’ of the truck left (as can be seen on this stage of the instruction sheet);

The set allows you to build the Thornycroft model to this stage

I’ll be selling packs of these at Telford on a first come first served basis with very, very limited stock. Each pack will consist of;

  • Instruction book (A4)
  • Decals
  • Chassis
  • Kit containing; cab, axles and wheels, running gear, engine and bonnet
  • Photo-etch
What’s in the pack? Complete chassis section plus instructions and decals

Priced at just £30.00 per set I only have a few of these, but they will allow modellers the opportunity to build the vehicle to the chassis. I will also bring a small box of ‘bits and pieces’ which will be priced individually so customers can look through and pick-up some extra parts that might help.

As I’ve got a lot of work to do before the show I can’t take reservations on the models, they will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis from Saturday morning (I will not have the kits with me on Friday at set-up and will not accept orders for them on Friday).

This is a Telford-only offer, but if there is any stock remaining I’ll offer that for mail order on Monday 11th November when I return.

What’s in and out at Telford

I mentioned that I would be bringing an almost complete inventory to Telford, so what’s in and what won’t I have?

Available at Telford (while stocks last);

I’ve got stock of almost all the Tommy’s War figure range, I’ve also got 10 copies of TW32C03 (Australian Light Horseman) back in stock. Additionally, I should have a few copies of TW32MOT1 (Clyno Vickers motorcycle). Both have been big sellers, so I suggest picking-up while they are available.

Any remaining stock of both will be listed on the website next week.

Not available at Telford;

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to produce everything we wanted in time. So, I won’t have TW32S04 (Walking Wounded) from the figure range and I won’t have any of the bases available.

I’d certainly hope that Walking Wounded returns in the New Year. If you’re not familiar with the story about the bases then suffice to say it’s complicated and has taken longer to resolve than expected, but I hope to bring those back in 2020.

Terms and conditions

Please note that all the products shown above are sold on a first-come, first-served basis and that Tommy’s War Limited is not responsible in any way for any customer that arrives at the show and to find an item is already sold.

Due to have a heavy workload and schedule also preparing for Telford I will be unable to answer any emails or messages until week commencing 11th November 2019.


Post-Telford I’ll be taking making sure that orders are up-to-date before focussing on the releases for 2020 and World Expo in July.

On Monday 11th November I’ll be returning stock to storage and making sure everything is packed away. Once I’ve completed that I’ll run a stock-check and update the website. So, please check-out the website over the early part of next week as you might find things returning to stock.