Release schedule 2019

Another year seems to be flying by and here we are in the second half of 2019.

You’ll possibly be aware of the earlier releases this year (United States Marines and German opponents), so I’m pleased to confirm the release of the next four figures in the remainder of the Tommy’s War release schedule for 2019:

  • TW32AL04 – Private (2), 2/5 US Marine Corps, Belleau Wood 1918 (Chauchat machine gunner)
  • TW32AL05 – Private (3), 2/5 US Marine Corps, Belleau Wood 1918
  • TW32CP16 – Private (3) 461st Infanterie Regiment, Belleau Wood 1918
  • TW32CP17 – Private (4) 461st Infanterie Regiment, Belleau Wood 1918

These four figures complete the group that already included TW32AL02, TW32AL03, TW32CP14 and TW32CP15. This completes the Belleau Wood scenario and takes the set to eight figures.

Within the new releases there are two US Marines, one is firing his rifle and the other holds a Chauchat machine gun. Of the Germans one is firing his rifle and the other is pulling back the bolt of his rifle.

The eight together make an exciting set of figures and I hope to have images of the final box art in August/September for their release.

In addition to the four figures above, there are two further additions to the British range;

  • TW32045 – 2nd Lieutenant, 23rd Bn Middlesex Regiment, Pas de Calais 1918
  • TW32046 – Private, 9th Bn East Surrey Regiment, France 1918

These feature two British figures in action poses, I’ll reveal more about their background nearer the time of release in September (with the American and German figures above), but they do work nicely with all the German figures of this year. So both TW32045 and TW32046 could be posed against TW32CP14/15/16 or 17 to create an alternative scene for British (or other Empire forces) versus German infantry. I’m going to create an example for the release using a couple of other figures from the British range to show how it could work and that will be available to view also in August/September.

TW32045 will be complete with two heads, one of these is based on a historical character. The second figure is a soldier throwing a grenade and is based on the film Journey’s End which focussed on the German Spring Offensive of 1918  (if you haven’t seen the movie then I’d recommend it).

That will make six figures for release in August/September and combined with the four from earlier in the year mean a release total of 10 figures for 2019, which I think is a good return.

The six figures are now in stock, Alex Long is completing the Belleau Wood scenario completing the set of eight and Edward Sage is painting the two British figures. As soon as they have both completed the box art we’ll get everything ready for release. These figures will be available to purchase in August 2019.

You’ll be pleased to note that I’m now working on the releases from 2020, which are scheduled at the moment for six figures of which two will be posed with the Vickers Machine Gun (the gun itself is now complete, the figures will be sculpted at the end of the year).

2020 will be an important year, as it’s the World Expo in Eindhoven in July, if possible I’d like to get another figure out for release to commemorate this, I’ll just have to speak nicely to Nino!