TW32ART3 – Carriage Limber (suitable for 13 pdr and 18 pdr gun)


This 1/32 resin model kit builds into a highly detailed representation of this iconic piece of WW1 artillery equipment.

This is a resin kit and not suitable for beginners.

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During World War I, Quick Firing (QF) guns and their associated limbers played crucial roles in the battlefield tactics of the time. These weapons represented an advancement in artillery technology, allowing for more rapid and effective artillery fire compared to earlier generations of cannons.

QF guns were designed to fire ammunition in quick succession without the need to manually reload after each shot. This was achieved through innovations such as breech-loading mechanisms, which allowed for faster loading and firing compared to older muzzle-loading artillery. The term “Quick Firing” indicated the ability of these guns to fire rapidly, enhancing their tactical value on the battlefield.

One key element of the QF gun system was the limber, an essential piece of equipment used to transport and support the gun during operations. The limber was a two-wheeled cart specifically designed to carry ammunition and other supplies for the gun. It featured compartments for storing shells, propellant charges, and tools necessary for operating and maintaining the gun.

The combination of the QF gun and limber revolutionized artillery tactics during WWI. These weapons offered greater mobility and firepower compared to earlier artillery systems, enabling more flexible and responsive battlefield strategies. QF guns could be rapidly deployed to support infantry units or engage enemy positions, providing critical fire support during offensives and defensive actions.

This detailed kit is supplied in resin in 1/32 scale and can be built to supply both the 13 and 18 pounder QF artillery pieces (the same limber was supplied as the only difference would have been the length of the shell itself.


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