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TW32VEH1 – Crossley Light Tender 20/25


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The Crossley Light tender was the workhorse of the Royal Flying Corps. With 11 supplied to each squadron it was a vehicle that saw service everywhere the RFC served and all airfields would have seen these small utility vehicles.

This model kit of the vehicle, produced in 1/32 scale offers a faithful and highly detailed replica of the famous vehicle and each kit has the following:

  1. Over 50 resin parts to build the vehicle in wonderful authentic detail
  2. Detailed photo etch
  3. Decals to model a wide number of vehicles in British and Empire service
  4. A comprehensive 28 page full-colour  instruction manual packed full of references, detail and images

These vehicle kits are  sized at 1/32 scale to compliment the Wingnut Wings range of aircraft perfectly.

The kit contains many parts and is only suitable for experienced modellers. When working with resin always be careful, wear a face mask to cut and sand parts and be cautious with sharp knives. Experience of complex multi-media kits is strongly advised before attempting to build this kit.

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