TW32AL06 – Sergeant, 167th United States Infantry


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Tommy’s War is the leading brand of 1/32 scale World War One model figures, designed for modellers to build, paint and display.

This figure depicts a squad leader in BrigGen Douglas McArthur’s 84th Brigade, from the 42nd (NG) ‘Rainbow” Division which punched out of the St Mihiel salient in September 1918.

His uniform is standard issue, often the NCO chevrons were worn on the right sleeve only by this point. He is wearing late-war web gear and his gasmask is the “corrected English” version. For trench clearing he carries the M1897/17 Winchester 12 gauge pump action shotgun converted to military use with the addition of a muzzle lug to carry the M1917 bayonet. On his hip is a brass-handled M1918 Mk1 trench knife with a 6″ double edged blade.

Note; The colour images show the figures left hand not holding the forend (foreshock) of the gun. We spotted the error post-painting and corrected that with a new hand placed on the forend (see the image of the new unpainted version). Both arms/hands are included in this kit.

The figure is 1/32 scale and cast in natural resin and is sculpted by Nino Pizzichemi, box art is by Ernesto Reyes.

Please note the following:

  • The figures in the Tommy’s War range are 1/32 scale and sometimes described as 54mm in height. However, the figures measure approximately 56-58mm foot to eye, so they may not be compatible with other figure or vehicle ranges. If you have any questions regarding scale then please don’t hesitate to email
  • The figure is cast in polyurethane resin and is supplied unpainted and unassembled. The kit requires cleaning and assembly and is not suitable for children under the age of 12. Please always take care when working with resin. Work in a well ventilated room or wear a face mask as protection from resin dust.
  • The figure shown on the box art is NOT included with the base.


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