Product TW32AL06 delay

One of the new figures due for release is TW32AL06 which is a Sergeant of the United States infantry. The figure is sculpted with a Remington shotgun, however I did spot at the box art page an error in the position of the figures left hand on the rifle, the hand should be higher up on the forend grip.

You can see from the image above that the figure’s left hand should be higher up the shotgun and holding the frond grip

I’m currently waiting for the master to be returned and we’ll then sculpt a new arm.

This process will take some time due to logistics (getting the master to Italy, then back, then to be cast and a copy for box art), so I envisage this release now going back to some time in 2021.

I offer my sincere apologies for the delay, it was my error and I should have spotted this on the master. However, I think it is absolutely critical to get the arm position correct and therefore the delay is sadly a necessity.