October update

Now that we’re through the always busy month of September I thought it time for an update.

Outstanding orders

September was a busy month for online orders (which is, of course, a good thing). With the Euro Miniature Expo show in Folkestone the week after the new figure releases it was always going to be a challenge getting orders out quickly, which proved true.

However, I’m pleased to say that all orders from September have been shipped and I’m back to fulfilling orders within 48 hours (indeed, orders placed yesterday were shipped this morning). If you’ve been waiting for your order then you should have had a confirmation email with the postage tracking code now.

If your order was one of those delayed then please accept my apologies.

Collectors Club Special

My focus has been on getting all outstanding orders completed (see above). All Collectors Club members that placed orders in September will have received their chosen Collectors Club special with their orders.

All other Collectors Club specials will be sent this week, so if you’re waiting for your figure then it will soon be on it’s way to you. My aim is that all figures will have been shipped by Monday 9th October 2017.

Scale Model Challenge Eindhoven

I’ll be at Scale Model Challenge in Eindhoven on Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd October 2017. Over the weekend I’ll post further information on this blog about the show and how to place orders in advance, how to pay and other useful information.

I’m very excited to visit this show for the first time and very much looking forward to meeting lots of new people.

Stock replenishment

You might have seen that some of the older figures had been added as back in stock last month, as expected these sold well. I will be adding more stock in the future and at some point in 2018 hope to have hold all products in stock and reduce the amount of out of stock items.

Two products currently out of stock should be back soon. Another batch of Crossley Light Tenders is due for delivery in November in time for SMC at Telford, I’ve also asked for a re-run of Gassed, and will be able to provide an update soon.

I’ve been asked many times if any of the current range will be ‘retired’ from sale. At this moment there are no plans to withdraw any of the figures from Nino, Benoit or Gianpierro from the range, all will continue in the catalogue.

Box art

You’ll have noticed that all of the releases in September (except TW32VC01) are shown unpainted, this was due to time pressures and the cost of buying so many master figures. I’m now working with artists to catch-up on those and my aim is to have the full catalogue as painted figures before Christmas. As images are supplied to me I’ll be updating the website, so look out for news on those and more colour images.

Future releases


Its been a big release year for Tommy’s War with 19 individual figures launched (I think that’s a record), but there is one more in progress with a planned release date of November 2017 (for Scale Model Challenge Telford);

  • TW32G02 – Sergeant, Mounted Military Police, France & Flanders 1916

The second figure in the range from Gianpierro Russo is a lovely little sculpt of what I believe will be a popular figure. The Sergeant is shown in Western Front uniform with the famous red cap cover. While depicting a member of the mounted cadre of the Military Police the figure is shown on foot.


I’ve developed a schedule which has been agreed by Nino and Benoit, I’m hoping for a further figure from Gianpierro as well.

Nino has committed to 6 foot figures (of which one will be the Collectors Club Special for 2019) plus one mounted figure. The Tank Corps figures originally planned for 2017 have been moved in to that schedule and Nino is scheduled to begin sculpting in December.

Benoit will sculpt the second figure in the Victoria Cross range building on the success of TW32VC01 Piper Laidlaw, this figure will be Captain Noel Chavasse VC and bar.

More details will follow next year.


September is traditionally the busiest month for Tommy’s War and September 2017 was even busier than usual. So, if you’ve had to wait for your order then please accept my sincere apologies.  However, things are returning to normal and orders received at the moment ship quickly.

Thank you to all the Tommy’s War customers out there for their support. Tommy’s War is a small part of a small hobby so every single order  is very much appreciated and allows me to invest in further releases.

I’m really excited about the plans for 2018, there is a smaller number of figures, but I’m aiming to make them absolutely spot-on and I think you’re going to enjoy them!