News – April 2018

2018 releases, so far!

It’s been a great start to 2018 for Tommy’s War with releases from March already proving to be some of the most popular. First-up was the Passchendaele set of four figures (all available individually) and then the second release in the Victoria Cross range – Captain Noel Chavasse, winner of the Victoria Cross twice.

All the new releases can be seen in the store on this site and are in-stock and ready to ship.

2018 releases, to come!

Following the releases so far you’ll be pleased to know that I’m progressing well with new releases for later in the year.

The sculpt for TW32C03 has been completed by Nino and it’s now with the caster. The figure will be the third in the mounted series and features a Trooper of the Australian Light Horse, the figure is shown charging and he is holding a bayonet.

As you would expect, I’m getting a lot of interest in this figure. However, as it’s part of another project I’m holding the release until September 2018, so anyone travelling to Euro Miniature Expo in Folkestone will be able to see the figure first.

I’m hoping to recast both TW32C01 and C02 by then, unfortunately both need to be re-moulded and the masters have had some damage, so we’re repairing those and hope to have all three figures available in September. An update on that is that TW32C02 is OK and has been repaired, TW32C01 has sustained more damage and will take longer to re-master.

At the moment I’m working on new releases, there will be a single new British release and a new Collectors Club special (in addition to the Australian Light Horse mentioned above) plus a number of new German figure releases, this is all work-in-progress so subject to change.

As a result of various projects all due for release in September, its going to be a quiet period for Tommy’s War and there won’t be any new releases until that point. However, please be assured that I’m working hard not just on new releases but to also make sure I’ve got the full range in stock in significant quantities!

Collectors Club

News from the Front Newsletter 8 as now shipped. I’ve got to apologise to customers here as it took far longer to get this issue out than I had hoped. The release of figures TW32040/41/42 and 43 was busier than I had expected (which is great news) and I was simply overwhelmed getting orders out. I’m up-to-date now, orders are complete and the newsletter has gone. I’ll be more punctual with the next edition, promise!

I’m delighted to say that Collectors Club 2018 membership numbers have beaten both 2017 and 2016, so the club has grown each year since it began. I hope you’ll be as pleased as me that the club will be back for 2019 and that I’ve worked-out some of the issues with the membership software to stop some of the problems its had in the past.

I’m planning a really strong Collectors Club Special for 2019, something which I think has real impact, and I hope you’ll like it too.

Tommy’s War on the road 2018

The next show I’ll be attending will be the East Midlands Model Show in Hinckley  on Sunday 20th May, details here

From there I will be at Euro Miniature Expo in September, Scale Model Challenge (Veldhoven) in October and Scale Model World (Telford) in November.

Due to holidays I’m sorry to say I won’t be at Figureworld 2018 in Oundle, I fly back from holiday that day and don’t land until late afternoon!

Free postage

I now offer FREE worldwide postage on any orders over £100 (after any discounts are applied). To qualify, simply check-out and click the ‘free postage’ option.

This is in response to enthusiasts of Tommy’s War based overseas (particularly in the US and Australia) and my hope is that by pooling orders with friends or ordering annually they will be able to save money on postage!