News – June 2017

June releases

There will be six figures released in June 2017, all sculpted by Nino Pizzichemi.

The first two are with the title Trench Raiders and feature the following two subjects;

  • TW32035 – Captain, 1/8  (Irish) King’s Liverpool Regiment
  • TW32036 – Sergeant, 1/8  (Irish) King’s Liverpool Regiment

These two figures depict a night raid on a German trench and are complimented with a superb section of German trench, sculpted by Andy Belsey, which will be available at the same time.

Nino has captured the suspense perfectly and this will be a hugely popular set.

There are also four more figures from Nino, all German subjects covering both the Western and Eastern Front, more details to follow.

Collectors Club

I’m delighted to confirm that the 2017 Collectors Club Special has been announced;

  • TW32CC02 – Sergeant, Household Cavalry, France 1916

Another fabulous subject by Nino, I’m planning this release for September at the latest (it could be sooner if circumstances permit) and will be sent to all members of the Tommy’s War Collectors Club.

I’m pleased to announce that the Collectors Club will return for 2018, I’m changing the format in response to customer feedback and the Collectors Club Special will be shipped with a new and improved membership pack at the point the membership is purchased or renewed. This is in response to a few comments that customers wanted their figure quickly, the compromise is that the figure won’t be from a ballot, but I’ll ensure the choice reflects the wishes of customers and is the high standard that you would expect from Tommy’s War.

The 2018 club and figure will be launched in September 2017.

Another development for the Collectors Club is that I’ve now added a drop-down menu to the website, so when you buy a membership you can select either of the two current figures (I’ll add the 2018 figure when it is announced) – this means that you can buy a membership and select the Collectors Club figure you would prefer.

If you would like to find out more about how the membership scheme works then visit my Youtube Channel and watch the short video;

Join the Tommy’s War Collector Club

Tommy’s War on the road 2017

It’s going to be a great year for shows. I’m thrilled that Tommy’s War will be at Scale Model Challenge in Eindhoven in October, this will be the first show I’ve attended outside the UK and it’s really exciting.

Shows for 2017 are Figureworld (July) Euro Miniature Expo (formerly Euro Militaire), Scale Model Challenge Eindhoven and Scale Mode World Telford.

Click here for a list of model shows and dates

TW32VEH1 – Crossley Light Tender

You may be aware that there were a small number of 1/32 British vehicles in the range, these were withdrawn from sale in 2015.

Due to customer demand I’m going to trial a short production run of the Crossley Light Tender in September this year. I’m only going to cast 25 off, the vast majority are now reserved, but I have 4 copies available for general sale left.

The full retail price will be as before at £60.00 per vehicle, but as Collectors Club members get a 20% discount  they will receive the kit at £48.00, saving £12.00 from the original RRP.

If you’d like to reserve one of the vehicles please email me at

Free postage

I now offer FREE worldwide postage on any orders over £100 (after any discounts are applied). To qualify, simply check-out and click the ‘free postage’ option.

This is in response to enthusiasts of Tommy’s War based overseas (particularly in the US and Australia) and my hope is that by pooling orders with friends or ordering annually they will be able to save money on postage!