New World War One French model figures

I’m delighted to announce news of the two latest releases in the Tommy’s War range.

Figures TW32AL07 and TW32AL08 depict a French Lieutenant and Private of the French infantry as they would have appeared in the early months of the year.

This is exciting as it’s the first French releases in the Tommy’s War range of World War One model soldiers, and if these two prove popular and sell well, then I hope it’s the first of many.

Both figures are 1/32 scale and cast in resin. The miniatures were sculpted by Nino Pizzichemi and box art is by Alex Long.

New World War One French model figures from Tommy’s War
  • TW32AL07 – Lieutenant, 162nd French Infantry 1914
  • TW32AL08 – Private, 162nd French Infantry 1914

The figures are inspired by this painting;

Lieutenant Allard Meus leads his men forward wearing the plume and white gloves of the St Cyr academy

The painting depicts an Officer of the French Infantry in August 1914 in action in France.

St Cyr is the Military Academy in France where recruits study and join the ranks of the French Army as commissioned officers. In the summer of 1914 a group of cadets made a pact;

Lieutenant Jean Allard-Meeus said “Let us swear that we shall wear our plumes and white gloves” which gave rise to the legend of French officers going into combat dressed thus. On August 22nd 1914 Lieutenant Allard-Meus fell while fighting with the 162 Regiment. On the same day his fellow Cadet Alain de Fayolle of the 50th Regiment was said to have calmly reached into his pack and donned his plume and white gloves and rose to his feet shouting “Forward lads! For France” and was immediately cut-down.