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TW32051 – Sergeant, 4th Bn Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry, Havrincourt 1918
TW32052 -Private, 4th Bn Leicestershire Regiment, St Quentin 1918 (image also includes base TW32DIO2 – British trench section 1916-18)

I’m delighted to announce the release of two new figures and a new scenic base;

  • TW32051 – Sergeant, 4th Bn Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry, Havrincourt 1918 <buy here>
  • TW32052 – Private, 4th Bn Leicestershire Regiment, St Quentin 1918 <buy here>

Both figures are sculpted in 1/32 scale by Nino Pizzichemi and box art is by Alex Long.

  • TW32DIO2 – British trench section 1916-18 <buy here>

The base is the perfect accompaniment to figure TW32052 (as well as other figures in the Tommy’s War range) and is sculpted by Andrew Belsey.

A look at the figures in detail;

TW32051 – Sergeant, 4th Bn Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry

The post of the figure has been requested many times, it’s the classic attack position. Wearing the gas respirator this dates the figure to the 1917-18 period and is in contrast to figure TW32023 which is a similar pose but shows the soldier wearing the gas hood that was obsolete by 1917.

The figure includes both bayonet and a photo-etch rifle sling in the kit.

Note is wound stripes on his left lower arm denoting he has been previously noted as wounded in action. The stripes were issued in accordance with the following guideline;

…. it is notified for information, that the term ‘wounded’ refers only to those officers and soldiers whose names have appeared, or may hereafter appear, in the Casualty Lists as ‘wounded’. The braid will be supplied to officers and soldiers under regimental arrangements, and Commanding Officers will ensure that it is not worn by those who are not entitled to it. Sufficient for two jackets will be supplied to each man.”

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TW32052 – Private, 4th Bn Leicestershire Regiment, St Quentin 1918

After 28 years of living in the East Midlands, some of that time in Leicester but mostly in a town within the county of Leicestershire, I thought it would be wrong not to include my adopted home county Regiment in the Tommy’s War range.

Nicknamed “The Tigers” after they were allowed to wear the image of a Tiger after a long period in India from 1804 to 1823. The Regiment fought with distinction in both World War One and Two and were given the prefix “Royal” in 1946 before merging into the Royal Anglian Regiment in 1964.

However, as with so many of the Tommy’s War range the uniform and equipment is ubiquitous to that period on the Western Front and is suitable for all English, Welsh, Lowland Scottish and Irish Regiments as well as those from Australia, New Zealand, Canada and South Africa.

Another much-requested pose, I deliberately briefed this to Nino as a contrast to the action pose in TW32051 to demonstrate that a soldiers life in World War One was not very often eventful.

Shown in that classic British pose with his tea and cigarette in each hand he’s designed to work in conjunction with the new scenic base TW32DIO2 which was sculpted by Andrew Belsey.

You can find more information about the scenic base here

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Both of the figures and the base are available to buy now using the links above, or return to the home page for direct links to the online store.