New releases May 2021 – Vickers diorama, US Army and Andy Belsey’s book

It’s a big month for Tommy’s War with a group of new releases, plus an update of stock of some favourite existing products.

New releases

Starting with new releases, there are three new codes in the figure range to consider;

TW32S07Vickers Machine gun, Passchendaele 1917
TW32CP24Private, German Infantry (casualty)
TW32AL06Sergeant, 167th Bn US Army
Tommy’s War new releases May 2021

TW32S07 – Vickers Machine Gun, Passchendaele 1917

Starting with the much-anticipated Vickers Machine Gun set, this is available as TW32S07 and although previewed as at Passchendaele in 1917, the set really does depict any British, Australian, New Zealand, Canadian or South African troop of the Western Front campaign between 1917 and 1918 (with the exception of Highland Troops).

Sculpted by Nino Pizzichemi, this stunning set features two Machine Gun Corps soldiers firing their Vickers Machine Gun. The set also features a German casualty which is also available individually as TW32CP24. The context is that the British are defending a recently captured enemy trench from counter-attack.

The base, sculpted by Andy Belsey, is designed so that we could embed the gun tripod and avoid casting issues with such a fine piece.

The whole scene creates a small diorama packed with action and tension and Nino has sculpted the stress on the two machine gunners in wonderful detail.

TW32AL06 – Sergeant 167th US Infantry, St Mihiel 1918

The second release is a delayed figure from April 2020. The figure is a US Army Sergeant with a Winchester shotgun. We’d completed sculpting and Ernesto Reyes had finished the box art when I was alerted that the figures left hand was in the wrong position.

I hold my hands up to this one, I should have spotted it at the time, however some personal circumstances meant it slipped through the net. A year later he’s back and Nino has re-sculpted that arm so his hand is on the lever for the shotgun.

The figure is supplied with both hands, so if you do prefer that first pose then it’s still available.

The original box art, we realised his right hand was in the incorrect position, so this has been re-sculpted and both versions are included in the kit.
This image from Nino’s desk shows the new re-sculpted arm with the hand in the correct position on the handle of the Winchester shotgun. The figure will be sent to Ernesto Reyes to complete the correct box art

Modelling World War 1 Trench Warfare by Andy Belsey

I’m delighted to be able to supply this book from my good friend Andy, the book showcases Andy’s amazing work on diorama bases.

With 192 pages, this book has over 300 images of inspiration for modellers and is a well-designed and is a thought-provoking look at life in the trenches.

AB1Modelling World War 1 Trench Warfare by Andy Belsey
Tommy’s War new releases May 28th 2021

Back in stock

By a large margin, the most popular items in the Tommy’s War range are the cavalry figures, they seem to sell-out within days of coming back into stock.

We’ve done some work to get more copies of all of them into stock, plus some other figures that are amongst the most popular;

TW32C02Trooper, Warwickshire Yeomanry
TW32C03Trooper, Australian Light Horse
TW32C04Trooper, 17th Lancers
TW32MOT1 Clyno Vickers motorcycle
TW32S01L Batthery RHA, The action at Nery
TW32S02 The Christmas Truce
TW32S03 Gassed
TW32S04Walking Wounded
TW32VC01Piper Daniel Laidlaw VC
Tommy’s War stock update – May 2021

I’m expecting these to sell quickly, so buy now!

What’s next?

My priority now will be to ensure that I’ve got any remaining out-of-stock figures back in sufficient numbers.

My aim is to have everything by September this year, but we’re immediately going to begin casting on the following products;

TW32BE02Private, Lincolnshire Regiment
TW32BE32Private, Wellington Regiment NZ
TW32BE24Private, 1/7th Lancashire Fusiliers
TW32BE51Sergeant, 4th Bn KOYLI
TW32CP03Private, Infanterie Division 133
TW32CP04 Private, 208 Infanterie Division
TW32CP05Leutnant, Prussian Infanterie Regiment
TW32CP06Unteroffizier, Angriffdivision, Kaiserschlacht
TW32CP08Pioneer, 5th Storm Bn
TW32G01Captain, 4th Bn Berkshire Regiment
Tommy’s War casting list June 2021

The casting of those figures should bring the entire range back up-to-date.

We’ll also continue casting of the Collector Club Specials (released September 2021 for a short period) and the Crossley Light Tender (September/October 2021).

New releases – Autumn 2021

There will be a short break from new releases while Nino enjoys his summer vacation, but we’ve already spoken and agreed the new new releases, which will be around October/November this year.

Through this time I’ll be refining the 2022 release list- so look out for more releases next year!

Model Shows 2021

At this moment in time I don’t know what shows will happen. Euro (Folkestone) is cancelled, Scale Model Challenge (Veldhoven) is still planned at the moment as is Scale Model World (Telford).

The best place to find out what’s coming up is on this blog, so please keep checking-in for more updates!