New releases 2020 update

Regular visitors to the blog will be aware that there are four new releases in progress at the moment, so I wanted to give you an update as to where we are and a quick look behind the scenes in terms of the work that has to be completed to get those figures ready.

First, lets look at the four figures;

  • TW32047 – Private, 8th Bn Lincolnshire Regiment 1918 Rouen 1918
  • TW32048 – Chaplain, attached 8th Bn Lincolnshire Reg Rouen 1918
  • TW32049 – Private, 8th Bn Tank Corps, Amiens 1918
  • TW32050 – Corporal, 8th Bn Tank Corps, Amiens 1918

While the figures were sculpted at different times (Nino tends to sculpt in pairs) they were completed within a few weeks of each other. The first two figures (TW32037 and TW32038) have been painted and are complete;

‘A Holy Intervention’ – a Private of the 8th Lincs shows his damaged helmet to an Army Chaplain attached to his Regiment. Image shows TW32037 and TW32038 due for release in February 2020. Box art is by Alex Varela.

However, I’ve only recently casts of TW32049 and TW32050, so they are with Alex Long who is painting the box art.

Therefore, release for all four figures will be early to mid-February.

The reason for waiting for all four? Well, it’s simply because it’s better for customers. I strongly suspect that customers will want all or a mix of figures which means that by releasing at the same time it saves customers postal costs. The last thing I want is customers buying the first two figures and paying postage and then two weeks later having to pay postage again.