TW32C04 – 17th Lancer

NEW from Tommy’s War
TW32C04 – Trooper, 17th Lancers, Amiens 1918

I’m delighted to bring you news of a great new release, the fourth in the very popular cavalry series, a Trooper of the 17th Lancers.

This figure is set at the latter part of the war, viewing the battlefield ready for action. By 1918 cavalry were commonly used as infantry on the Western Fron. The 17th Lancers had formed part of the defence of the Allied lines during the Spring Offensive, but by October had returned to their mounted role where they were able to exploit gains made as the tide of war turned to the Allies favour.

This new figure cast in light grey resin in 1/32 scale, sculpted by Nino Pizzichemi the box art is by Alex Long.

The kit is complete with photo etch bridle bits, brass tube for the lance and instructions.

You can order the figure here, don’t forget that orders over £60.00 qualify for FREE shipping anywhere in the world.