New box art – Musketier, Landsturm Btn

One of the absolute pleasures I have with Tommy’s War is working with such talented artists and being able to show their wonderful work.

It is an honour to show the latest piece, completed by Marion Ball.

This figure is TW32CP13, released in 2018, and shows a soldier of the German Landsturm from the Eastern Front in 1914 where they fought the Russians.

You can find details of the figure and how to buy it here

The original image which inspired this figure is from the Osprey book The German Army in World War 1 (1) by Nigel Thomas from their Men at Arms series. The illustration, by Gerry Embleton is described as such;

Musketier, 1st Landsturm Battalion – Deutsch Eylau; Tannenberg, August 1914

German domestic propaganda idealized the elderly, patriot- ically determined Landsturm home guards, who were also deployed as occupation troops. This infantryman wears the M1813 oilcloth cap with brass Prussian Landwehr cross. His M1903 Litewka has collar patches identifying the parent brigade, 75th Infantry Brigade (Osterode – Ostroda, Poland), and he wears M1895 infantry field trousers. He has a rucksack, M1887 breadbag, M1895 ammunition pouches, and is armed with the 48.8in-long 7.92mm M1888 Gewehr 88 with the 23.5in M1871 bayonet.

I’d like to say a massive thank you to Marion for her wonderful work, and I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s a fantastic addition to the Tommy’s War catalogue.