Modelling World War One Trench Warfare – book update

Unfortunately, there have been some delays in shipping of the above book from the publisher and the date of release has been put back.

The latest information is that the book is on a container ship at a UK port waiting for unloading. The best estimate I can give is that I will have the book and be able to ship week commencing 21st June.

There are two types of orders;

1. Those customers that ordered the book only
2. Those customers who ordered the book and other products (figures etc)

If you are happy to wait until week commencing 21st June for your book (and other items) to ship then you do not need to take any further action. Your order will remain on file and ship as soon as possible.

1. If you ordered only the book and would like to cancel your order and receive a full refund then contact me at

2. If you ordered the book and other products and wish the figures etc to be shipped this week then contact me at and I will cancel your book order and refund you for the £18.00 cost of that book. Of course, if you wish to cancel your full order then this is your right.

I am sorry to say that I cannot split deliver any orders for figures and the book (send figures now and the book later at my cost). If you order the book at a later date then you are subject to charges for postage (if your order does not meet the £60 free delivery limit).

Please accept my apologies for the delay on the book. I stocked the book as a service for customers and acted in good faith with the information I was given at the time and sincerely regret the delay.

If you have any questions then please contact me directly at