It’s time for a break

2021 has been a very busy year for me personally and for Tommy’s. Following the success of the latest releases we’re in a good place to work on more releases in the future.

So, with that in mind, I’m going to be taking a break for week with a holiday in Cornwall (UK). During that time I’ll have limited access to the internet and no access to emails.

At this point I’m completely up-to-date with orders, so anything that comes in while I’m away will be sent on my return.

Any emails or messages will also be answered when I return.

So, if you see anyone commenting that they are trying to message me then I’d be grateful if you could let them know I’m away.

On my return I’ll be working to get a load of figures that are out of stock, back in stock.

I’ve got casting coming in week commencing 19th July of the following;

TW32002Private, 1st Bn Linc Reg
TW54018Sergeant Pilot, RFC
TW54021Gunner, RHA
TW54022Gunner, RHA (casualty)
TW54029Private, MGC
TW32032Private, 1st Bn NZEF
TW32051Sergeant, 4th Bn KOYLI
TW32CP07Grenadier, 11th Assault Bn
TW32CP08Pioneer, 5th Storm Bn
TW32G01Captain, Berkshire Reg
TW32SC01German base section (3 pieces)
Tommy’s War back in stock July 2021

Because it’s been so busy this year I’m out of stock of some other figures (they are selling fast across all the ranges) so I’ll be organising a further batch of casting for delivery in August/early September.

I’ll be ordering more Modelling World War 1 Trench Warfare books, and we’ll cast more copies of the Vickers Machine Gun set.

See you in a week