Important – Tommy’s War despatch dates September 2018

With a large number of releases this September I’m expecting higher than usual demand for product, so though it would be good to put into place a schedule so that customers order with full-facts.

Over the last few months we’ve cast several thousand figures. Approximately 1,000 new casts are with me with 1,000 further figure completed and on their way to me. There are two further deliveries scheduled, one will contain TW32C01/2 and the balance of TW32C03 (I already have 50 of the new mounted figure in stock), the final delivery will contain the Clyno Vickers motorcycle plus additional stocks of the artillery and Crossley kits.

This requires a huge effort from my side to not only pack figures but to also ensure printed items such as instruction manuals etc are in place. The good news is that I’ve worked hard over the summer and everything is going really well. I am expecting service to be a little slower than usual in September, so wanted to pre-warn customers.

Items available for despatch

These include all the single figure range with some exceptions. Any items not including TW32041 and TW32VC01 will be sent quickly (depending on numbers of orders received, but I hope within 48 hours).

Any orders containing TW32041 and TW32VC01 will be sent in approximately 7 days time, but I will email to confirm.

Items that will be sent once available

Any orders containing TW32C01/C02 and C03 will be sent in 7 to 10 days, this is to allow me time to pack the figures (the cavalry are more complex kits with instructions included, so I need a little more time on these.

Collectors Club memberships

I’ve now got plenty of stock of membership figures with the exception of TW32CC01 Sniper (which is cast and will be back in stock in 7-10 days). I’m waiting for the new membership cards to come through (again, 7-10 days) so I’m going to send membership figures out now, with the membership cards for relevant customers being sent in with the mailing in September with the new catalogue and newsletter (see below).

Catalogue and newsletter

I’ve written both the new newsletter and catalogue for Collectors Club members, I’m aiming to post this week commencing 24th September. This newsletter is going to be of special interest with some very interesting news included! I do hope to have the packs for Euro Miniature Expo so customers can pick-up there.

Once I’ve got all the orders out of the way for September I’m aiming to write another follow-up newsletter for mid-October, with the final one for 2018 in late November/early December.


So, just to confirm, my aim is that all orders will be shipped by 28th September at the very latest, but with the aim of despatching most orders far earlier than that. There are no stock issues as everything is cast and either in stock or on its way.

Currently I hold almost 4,000 figures in stock, so it’s a huge undertaking for a part-time business. As you can imagine with a full-time career and family commitments I’m “spinning a lot of plates” but all orders will be fulfilled and I’m thankful for your patience.

I will keep a blog post open with updates and try to inform customers individually of progress, but as always if you have any questions on your order please contact me at