Holiday closure

I’m going to be on holiday from Sunday 17th March and returning late Sunday 24th March.

I’ll be posting a batch of orders on Friday 15th March and then unfortunately I won’t be posting anything until after I return.

If you waiting for your order, then please accept my apologies.

There are some outstanding orders waiting for items or parts, I will email everyone individually with an update on those.

However, there is some good news. A large batch of casting is complete and is being packed and I hope will be ready to ship next week to arrive the week I’m back in the UK.

Once that stock comes in I’m going to prioritise any outstanding orders. Once those are complete I’ll be checking the stock and running quality controls. I hope to have the updated stock listed at the end of March for the Easter weekend.


The broken hand on figure 1 has been repaired, I’m currently arranging to get that from Nino in Italy to my caster. Once we’ve got that we’re going to cast more copies (I have around 40 sets of Gassed in stock, but looking at numbers I’m going to cast a further 100 sets).

I’m aiming to get the sets listed over the summer.

In summary

Thanks again to everyone for your patience, I’m aware that the situation is frustrating with items going out of stock and waits for me to post items, but I’m committed to making sure all orders are completed.

My request is that if you’re waiting for an order, bear with me, you will get your order I promise. I know the internet is full of unscrupulous people, but I’m completely committed to delivering every single order.