Going, going, nearly gone!

Last weekend I blogged that I would be consolidating the Tommy’s War range and removing some of the products from sale.

I’ve had a number of emails asking which products will won’t be available in the future, so thought I’d give some thoughts here;

Firstly, let me confirm that none of the figures by Nino Pizzichemi will be removed, as many of my customers know Nino is a really good friend of mine and I love his work, so all those figure will remain, these include;

  1. All British and Empire figures numbered TW32001 through to TW32044
  2. All German figures numbered TW32CP01 to TW32CP15
  3. All Allied figures TW32AL01 to TW32AL03
  4. All the figures included in the ‘specials’ range TW32S01 to TW32S04

So what goes?

There will be two early casualties, TW32MOT1 (Clyno Vickers motorcycle) and TW32VEH1 (Crossley Light Tender) will no longer be available once the stock (listed on the website) is sold. In terms of these kits, they have been popular in the past but I’m keen to focus on what Tommy’s War is really good at, figures.

I do get asked occasionally if I’ll do more vehicles and motorcycles. The answer is an emphatic no, I don’t really have any expertise in vehicles and it takes a huge amount of resource and capital to develop new projects.

However, if there is a model company that wants to take-over production of these kits (or the Thornycroft trucks that were released several years ago) then please feel free to ask them to contact me. I’m certainly open to talking through options.

Some of the figures from the range will be discontinued. Figures TW32RM01 (Royal Marine) and TW32DC01 (German Machine Gunner) will be discontinued after existing stock is sold. Figures TW32VC01, TW32VC02, TW32W01, TW32W02, TW32G01 and TW32G02 will all be removed from the catalogue – but not until the end of 2020.

The aim of this consolidation is that by 2021 the Tommy’s War range will be as I originally intended, a figure company dedicated to supplying excellent subjects.

All that will remain will be Nino’s work (which I’ve always suggested would reach in the region of 100 figures), the artillery pieces (13 pdr, 18 pdr, limber) and some of the bases (where they are relevant to the range).

It’s important at this stage to stress that the range of figures will remain only 1/32 scale and that I won’t be producing any larger scale figures (because I do get asked!). Over the last few years we’ve seen more and more model companies produce World War One subjects and it’s fair to say that the market is saturated, I really don’t think there is capacity for more larger scale releases.

I hope that explains the direction that I intend for Tommy’s War, I’m keen to continue Tommy’s War, but as a model figure company and to continue to work with Nino to release outstanding subjects that capture the emotion of this period of history.