Frequently asked questions

With the new releases coming very soon I thought I’d anticipate some of the questions I regularly get asked and condense them into one handy little blog for your reference!

Can I pre-order and pick-up products at a model show?

Easy one to answer! Yes of course.

With Euro Miniature Expo (Folkestone) on the 22-23 September and Scale Model Challenge (Veldhoven) 20-21 October there is an inevitable increase in interest. You can buy online and pick-up at the show by using the two following codes;

  • To order and collect at Euro Miniature Expo use code eurocollection
  • To order and collect at Scale Model Challenge use code smccollection

To use the codes complete your order as usual and when you check-out type the relevant code into the box marked ‘coupons’. This will remove any postage cost from your order and I’ll reserve the item and bring to the show in question.

I’ll run the same offer prior to Scale Model World on the 10-11 November in Telford at a later date.

I want to place an order for a Collectors Club membership and some figures, but my discount does not apply?

Unless you are a current member of the Collectors Club with an active membership your discount will not apply until after you have checked-out a membership package. Simply buy the membership first and pay, log back in and your membership will show.

It does mean two transactions, but that is the best way to process your membership.

I’m a current member of the Collectors Club but my membership shows expired?

The software that runs the membership system does do some odd things and occasionally can change the dates on memberships so they aren’t shown as active. The good news is that it’s simple to fix, simply email me at and I’ll change the dates and set your membership live.

It’s always far better to contact me before placing an order in doubt.

Will you have enough stock of the new figures for shows and general sale?

Yes, we’ve cast more than enough stock of everything so I don’t envisage anything running short before the end of this year, but if it does we’re now in a position to cast more stock quickly.

I’m anticipating high sales in TW32C03, but will have plenty of stock. I understand there is a high level of demand for the replacement stock of TW32C02 so have cast additional copies – this figure needed a repair before we made new moulds, but we’re now back on schedule.

I’d always advise getting in your orders early, but failing that we will have replacement stock on a regular basis.

The only questions are on some of the bases, TW32D01 is low stock and I’m not sure when I’ll have that back in stock once they are sold out, its a similar story with the 5×5 smaller bases. However, bases sell far fewer in number so than figures, so I don’t see it as a huge problem and they will return, eventually.

Where is my order?

I do try and send orders out as quickly as possible, but I don’t work full-time on Tommy’s War so at busy periods there can be a slight delay. If you’re worried about the status of your order just check your account online and if you have any questions drop me an email.

I keep phoning but there is no answer, where are you?

I work full-time and cannot answer my mobile phone during work hours, when I get home I’m often busy packing orders or preparing releases so it does get busy. Therefore I tend to work late and out of usual business hours. The best way to contact me is email or through my Facebook page via instant message.

Some figures you used to have don’t seem to show in your catalogue?

I’m always refining my stock listing. One figure has now dropped-out, this is TW32W01 (the WRAF despatch rider) as this item sold-out and I don’t have access to the master. On review I decided that as I no longer produce a suitable motorcycle (and I understand other manufacturers are creating their own model motorcycles) I decided to withdraw it from sale.

Two other figures will also be withdrawn from sale (although both are available at the moment, but will not be cast again once they sell-out). These are TW32RM01 and TW32DC01. I felt that these were not compatible with the rest of the range and took the decision to end production.

You’re producing a lot of figures this year, why is this?

I’ve mentioned this several times but it’s still an important question. This year I was able to buy a series of German master figures from a private collector (TW32CP07/8/9/10/11/12/13), this has meant a larger number of releases than usual. There are 6 further masters that I’d like to add to the range in 2019. This means a larger number of releases than usual and I understand this puts pressure onto customers. However, the figures are cast in large quantities and I hold plenty of stock, none will be delisted in the foreseeable future so I think that once I return to a normal number of releases per year (6-8) it will be simple to catch-up.

Have you got plans to release more Victoria Cross winners?

To be honest, I’ve been disappointed with sales of the figures so far, neither release has broken-even. I get something like 6-10 emails with suggestions for the next figures but sales don’t indicate a massive demand for the range. Time will tell with this part of the range.

What are your future plans?

It’s easily the most common question, and it’s inevitable that as soon as I announce new figures I’ll get a message very quickly asking what’s next.

My aim is to continue with the core range of British and Empire figures, with other nations as a smaller aside to that. I am aiming for a release of US Marines in 2019, but from there will return to British subjects. The next British release will be a Vickers machine gun and crew.

In terms of other nations, there are still the remaining 6 German figures to release (see above), and I’m sure I’ll add more to the range . I will expand the Allies range from the new Italian figure, but only in a small way, I’ll add Americans and possibly a French figure at a later date, but have no plans from there.

I’ll be sticking with figures, I have no plans for any vehicles or another motorcycle.

Where does Tommy’s War go from here?

It carries on as before really. Although there are more releases than in other years it will settle-back down to normal levels and the business will carry on producing British and Empire model figures in 1/32 scale with occasional releases from other nations.

I hope you like the new releases and I look forward to bringing you more in the future.