Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Tommys War?

Tommy’s War limited is a UK based model manufacturer owning wholly own both the figure brand and this website where you can purchase Tommy’s War figures and accessories directly. I’m only a small business (it’s just me) but I like to think the brand punches above its weight and we have a very loyal band of customers.

I began Tommy’s War in 2011 and during that time have completed over 3,000 orders shipping across the world.

What is Tommy’s War?

We produce 1/32 scale model figures that depict the British and Empire army of World War One. We’re not a ‘toy soldier’ company, the figures are models that require assembly and painting.

What are your plans for the Tommy’s War series ?

The range follows the British and Empire armed forces of World War One in chronological order. Beginning at the outset of the war at Mons I plan to cover the army, navy and air forces of Britain and the British Empire through the conflict.  I will bring in figures of other forces when they fit with a particular British figure and I have created a serial number (CP = Central Powers) to release these. In 2016 I released the first figure in this series, a Turkish infantryman, followed by German releases. In 2018 an Italian Marine was added to the range in the ‘Allies’ series and since then United States Marine Corps were included, with plans in place for a figure of the United States Army.

Do you have a shop?

No, we are web and mail order only and have no retail premises.

Do you hold everything in stock?

If its listed on our website then we should have it in stock. We try to keep stock figures accurate but occasionally errors happen. In the event of an error we will keep the customer informed.

Can I pre-order products?

One of the unique points about Tommy’s War is that we don’t announce releases until they are ready, in stock and ready to be shipped.

How can I pay?

I accept Paypal and credit card through the website, please be assured that I have no access to Paypal or my credit card company (Stripe), the system takes you from your shopping cart at this website and on to their secure servers, once your order is complete they send a message to my site to say the order has paid and my site is updated. I have no contact with the payment and no-one can access the payment portal from this website.

Do you have a mail order service?

I understand that there some customers don’t have internet access or dislike internet ordering, so I do have a mail order service. As Tommy’s War is a small business it is a ‘one man band’ and I do work full-time. So, I’m not always easily available on the phone (family commitments), however I do have a mail order catalogue and accept postal orders. For more details email or call 07958 626236

Do you attend shows?

Yes, we welcome the chance to meet our customers. You can find out when I’ll be at shows in the blog section of this site.

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