Euro Miniature Expo 2018

The weekend of 22nd and 23rd September 2018 sees the return of the UK’s leading model show Euro Miniature Expo.

I’ve been a trader at this show since 2011 and this will be my 8th year at the show. For me, its one of the highlights of the modelling calendar where many of the top names in the painting world come together. Like many I was saddened by the slide in popularity from the old owners (when the show was called Euro Militaire). In 2017 four guys who I respect very highly (Steve Kirtley, Richard Wharton and Adrian and Thomas Hopwood) made the very brave decision to take-over the show and run it as a figure show for figure modellers. These boys are modellers through and through and have vallejo paint running through their veins, they have done a huge amount of work to get the show back-on the schedule and deserve all the credit they get.

I’ve got to say that 2017 was a very different atmosphere to the previous years where it had been clear that the show had been in serious decline. With a fresh positive attitude the guys have really turned things around and we’re beginning to see the phoenix rising from the ashes.

However, Euro Miniature Expo needs us, the modellers, to increase the momentum and give us what we in the UK want, a great international model show. Ticket prices have been lowered, the competition improved and best of all they listen to what we, the modellers, want and are constantly changing to make the show better for us.

That’s why I’m playing my part by releasing 10 new Tommy’s War figures at the show, plus showcasing the new Australian Light Horse mounted figure. Not only will the figures be available to view and buy, I’ll be bringing as many pieces of box art as I possibly can. I might even have an additional surprise for you all! I’m hoping that the attraction of being able to come and see the figures and take them home is a really good reason to come along. And if you don’t like what I’m doing then there are plenty of other fabulous international figure companies with stunning releases to select from.

If you’re interested in something a bit more off the historical theme, I’ll have a second table with my new range of zombie based figures, Dawn of the Apocalypse. With almost 20 releases this will be a mix of some previously released figures, plus new, and just wait until you see Ozzy the zombie!

So, I’m urging as many people to get to Folkestone on the 22nd or 23rd of September as possible. I know its not for everyone and not everyone can get there, but if you’re free then pop-down and support the guys. Forget what you’ve read in the past, this is a new beginning for the show and there are going to be some fantastic traders (me, obviously) and some wonderful painted figures in the competition (not from me, obviously).

Let’s be positive, let’s get behind the show and let’s build at fantastic figure modelling show in the UK.