Eindhoven baby! Yeah!

After a fantastic time in Veldhoven last year, I’m delighted to be returning to Scale Model Challenge 2018.

The show is once again expected to be busy, so I’ve made a few provisions to help ease the flow;


If you’re coming to the show and know what you’re going to be buying then email me with your list of products to darren@tommyswar.com before Tuesday 16th October and I’ll be able to pre-pack your order and bring it with me. Not only will you save time on the day, you can ensure I’ve got the figures you need!

You can pay on the day in cash (Euros or Sterling), or debit and credit card via PayPal.

You can pay in advance online at www.tommyswar.com using debit and credit card, or Paypal – if you add the code ‘smccollection’ into the box marked coupons at check-out and this will remove any postage cost and will be the signal for me to bring to the show.


I’m bringing a good supply of stock but some figures are only available in limited numbers, I suggest that where possible you pre-order those figures you know you really need. There will still be the opportunity to add to your order on the day.

TW32C03 – Australian Light Horse

This is the most popular figure at the moment, and although I’m bringing 50 copies with me, please be aware that at this point almost 40 are reserved for collection, so the figure will sell-out very early on. If you wish to purchase this figure then please contact me to reserve your copy.


At the show I’ll be taking payment in Euros and Sterling, plus credit/debit cards via PayPal.

Credit cards

I will be taking my PayPal Here card reader and don’t envisage any problems, but it does rely on technology which can be intermittent.

The deadline for placing orders paid by credit card is Sunday 14th October.

Joining the Collectors Club

If you wish to join the Collectors Club then I suggest you do that in advance so that your account is active when you arrive at the show. You can, of course, pick-up any Collectors Club specials at the show. Simply join the club using this link and add a note in the comments box at check-out ‘collect at SMC) and I’ll have your membership pack and figures ready for you.

At the show

Of course, if you don’t wish to pre-order and are happy paying cash then I’ll have a lot of stock available on the day (although, I can’t guarantee some products to have sold out).

Please understand that I only speak English (and even that is debatable!) and I will be leaving promptly as my return ferry is on the Sunday evening – so don’t leave it until the last minute!