Despatch times 2024

You’ll probably be aware that I’m closing Tommy’s War at the end of the 2024.

There are a number of reasons for that, and I’ve written those in another blog which you can read <here>, those reasons also apply to despatch times, which at the moment are extended.

I know that it’s really frustrating when you place your order and it’s slow being despatched, and I’m aware that in the current economic climate that you expect (quite rightly) your order to be delivered quickly.

However, without labouring the point, I’m really struggling for time at the moment due to changes in work (I’m currently based in an office and have an hours commute each way. This means that I’ve only realistically got the weekend to pack orders.

To add to my problems, my local Royal Mail sorting office (where I take my mail), has reduced the hours where they accept parcels meaning I can only get there during their times when I work from home, which is a Friday.

When you place an order please allow up to two weeks for it to be shipped to you (delivery times from that point depend on your location), if I can post earlier I will, but prepare for a wait.

I understand the frustration and anger this causes, but please bear in mind that I have agreed to continue providing the figures for another year to allow customers Tim to buy. I could have closed Tommy’s War at the end of 2023 and saved myself a lot of hassle.

However, if you place an order, you will receive your products. I’ve been around since 2011 and I’ve never not sent an order and I’m not starting now.

Thank you for your patience.