Coronavirus Covid-19 update

I’m sure you don’t need reminding that we live in very challenging times at the moment, and my thoughts go out to everyone, please stay safe and we will get through this together.

The current situation is that Tommy’s War remains open. I am working on new projects with the aim of a new release for World Model Expo in July with an assumption that the event takes place as planned. 

In terms of deliveries, I’m carrying on as normal for as long as possible. Of course as a small business that is dependent on my health and my immediate family, if one is ill then we all have to self-isolate. 

All my stock is held at a storage unit approximately 2 miles from home, currently that remains open, as does my local Post Office, but if at any point either close then I’ll have to stop shipping orders. If this happens I will post an update immediately.

My advice would be, if you’re planning on buying anything in the next 12 week period then buy it now to give me the best chance of being able to dispatch it.

I’ll post regularly on here with updates, but in the meantime look after yourselves and your loved ones. Say thank you to everyone working that keep things running and let’s be kind to everyone around us!